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Victoria Food and Beverage
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2Percent Jazz. 2621 Douglas Street, Victoria, BC V8T 4M2. Phone: 250-384-5282.

Bean Around the World. 533 Fisgard Street, Victoria, BC V8W 1R3. Phone: 250-386-7115.

The Black Stilt Coffee Lounge. 1769 Fort Street, Victoria, BC V8R 1J3. Phone: 250-590-8230. E-mail

The Black Stilt Coffee Lounge. 103ΓΆβ‚¬β€œ1633 Hillside Avenue, Victoria, BC V8T 2C4. Phone: 250-370-2077; Fax: 866-417-7543. E-mail

Blenz Coffee. 1328 Douglas Street, Victoria, BC V8W 2E8. Phone: 250-995-2456.

Blenz Coffee. 1001 Douglas Street, Victoria, BC V8W 2C5. Phone: 250-920-7078.

Buon Amici's Coffee. 110-645 Tyee Road, Victoria, BC V9A 6X5. Phone: 250-381-4504; Fax: 250-381-4524. E-mail

Caffe Fantastico Coffee Roastery & Coffee Bar. 965 Kings Road, Victoria, BC V8T 1W7. Phone: 250-385-2326; Toll-free: 1-877-517-2326. E-mail

Caffe Fantastico Specialty Coffee Bar. 1109 McKenzie Street, Victoria, BC V8V 2W1. Phone: 250-385-2326; Toll-free: 1-877-517-2326. E-mail

Discovery Coffee House & Lounge. 1964 Oak Bay Avenue, Victoria, BC V8R 1E2. Phone: 250-590-7717.

Discovery Coffee House & Lounge. 664 Discovery Street, Victoria, BC V8T 1G9. Phone: 250-477-2323.

Dolce Vita Coffee Art. 160-911 Yates Street, Victoria, BC V8V 4X3. Phone: 250-386-7733. E-mail

Fernwood Coffee Company. 5-1115 North Park Street, Victoria, BC V8T 1C7. Phone: 250-590-3320; Fax: 250-590-3326. E-mail

Habit Coffee. 552 Pandora Avenue, Victoria, BC V8W 1N7. Phone: 250-294-1127.

Khona Cafe. 1090 Fort Street, Victoria, BC V8V 3K4. Phone: 250-382-3402.

Mirage Coffee. 1122 Blanshard Street, Victoria, BC V8W 2H7.

Mirage Coffee. 817 Government Street, Victoria, BC V8W 1W8.

Mirage Coffee. 733 Yates Street, Victoria, BC V8W 1L6. Phone: 250-384-4982.

Moka House Coffee. 101-1503 Admirals Road, Victoria, BC V9A 2P8. Phone: 250-920-0464. E-mail

Moka House Coffee. 110-19 Dallas Road, Victoria, BC V8V 5A6. Phone: 250-298-8452; Fax: 250-294-4199. E-mail

Moka House Coffee. 345 Cook Street, Victoria, BC V8V 3X8. Phone: 250-388-7377. E-mail

Mountain Bean Coffee Company. 121-1325 Bear Mountain Parkway, Victoria, BC V9B 6T8. Phone: 250-391-9734.

Serious Coffee on Broad. 1701 Island Highway, Victoria, BC V9B 1J1. Phone: 778-430-5282.

Serious Coffee on Broad. 2060 Oak Bay Avenue, Victoria, BC V8R 1E4. Phone: 250-590-8920.

Serious Coffee on Broad. 108-2000 Cadboro Bay Road, Victoria, BC V8R 5G5. Phone: 250-592-2615.

Serious Coffee on Broad. 27-1153 Esquimalt Road, Victoria, BC V9A 3N7. Phone: 250-590-0910.

Serious Coffee on Broad. 230 Cook Street, Victoria, BC V8V 3X3. Phone: 250-590-8010.

Serious Coffee on Broad. 100-1609 Blanshard Street, Victoria, BC V8W 2J5. Phone: 250-385-1100.

Serious Coffee on Broad. 3075 Douglas Street, Victoria, BC V8T 4N3. Phone: 250-381-6179.

Serious Coffee on Broad. 1280 Broad Street, Victoria, BC V8W 2A5. Phone: 250-380-0272; Fax: 250-380-0205. E-mail

Serious Coffee on Broad. 103-225 Menzies Street, Victoria, BC V8V 2G6. Phone: 250-590-8506.

Solstice Cafe. 529 Pandora Avenue, Victoria, BC V8W 1N5. Phone: 250-475-0477.

Starbucks. Please click on link to view all Victoria locations.

Street Level Espresso. 714 Fort Street, Victoria, BC V8W 1H2. Phone: 250-361-9927.

Union Pacific Coffee. 537 Herald Street, Victoria, BC V8W 1S5. Phone: 250-380-0005. E-mail

Zazu Coffee. 1028 Blanshard Street, Victoria, BC V8W 2H5. Phone: 250-412-5311.

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