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Coffee and Espresso

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Surrey, BC
Coffee and Espresso

Blenz Coffee. 13450 102 Avenue, Surrey, BC V3T 5X3. Phone: 604-583-3370.

Breezway Coffee & Teas. 104-1688 152 Street, Surrey, BC V4A 4N2. Phone: 604-531-3466.

Esquires Coffee House. 16011 Fraser Highway, Surrey, BC V3S 2W9. Phone: 604-599-8987. E-mail

Esquires Coffee House. 302-18690 Fraser Highway, Surrey, BC V3S 8E7. Phone: 778-571-0471. E-mail

Esquires Coffee House. 4-12823 Crescent Road, Surrey, BC. Phone: 604-531-3614. E-mail

Esquires Coffee House. 1112-7330 137th Street, Surrey, BC V3W 1A3. Phone: 604-590-2299. E-mail

Esquires Coffee House. 14988 57th Avenue, Surrey, BC V3S 7S6. Phone: 604-574-3663. E-mail

Jabez Coffee Bar. 101-10294 135 Street, Surrey, BC. Phone: 604-581-2863.

The Java Hut Espresso Company. 107-7728 128 Street, Surrey, BC. Phone: 604-572-3700.

The Java Hut Espresso Company. 16555 Fraser Highway, Surrey, BC V3S 2X3. Phone: 604-501-5968.

The Java Hut Espresso Company. 301-6361 152nd Street, Surrey, BC. Phone: 604-572-3326.

The Java Hut Espresso Company. 1959 152nd Street, Surrey, BC. Phone: 604-538-9801.

The Java Hut Espresso Company. 601-10833 160th Street, Surrey, BC. Phone: 604-584-0112.

Little Tea House. 1527 100 Avenue, Surrey, BC V3R 8X2. Phone: 604-588-3050.

Moka House Coffee & Bistro. 40-16041 24th Avenue, South Surrey, BC V3S 9H7. Phone: 778-294-4228. E-mail

Pearl Fever Tea House. 65B-10330 152 Street, Surrey, BC V3R 4G8. Phone: 604-588-2192.

Puccinos Coffee Bar. 1014-7495 132 Street, Surrey, BC V3W 1J8. Phone: 604-594-2400.

Starbucks. 7380 King George Highway, Surrey, BC V3W 5A5. Phone: 604-597-8892.

Starbucks. 15161 Number 10 Highway, Surrey, BC V3S 9A5.

Starbucks. 7165 138 Street, Surrey, BC V3W 7T9.

Wired Monk. 100-12219 Beecher Street, Surrey, BC V4A 3A2. Phone: 604-542-0736. E-mail

Wired Monk. Corner of 184th Street & 64th Avenue, Surrey, BC V4A 3A2. Phone: 604-575-1043. E-mail

Wired Monk. 60th Avenue & 168th Street, Surrey, BC. Phone: 778-571-0905. E-mail

Wired Monk. 14018 32nd Avenue, Surrey, BC. Phone: 778-294-8854. E-mail

Wired Monk. 160-5620 152nd Street, Surrey, BC V3S 3K2. Phone: 778-571-2020. or E-mail

Wired Monk. 15980 Fraser Highway, Surrey, BC. Phone: 778-565-7696. E-mail

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