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Montana Cities:
Great Falls
Miles City
West Yellowstone

More Montana
Map of Cities and Towns
Snow Skiing
Tour Operators
Visitor Information
Whitewater Rafting

Glacier National Park

Yellowstone National Park

Flathead Lake

Montana Maps and Regions:
MAP  Northwest
MAP  Southwest
MAP  North Central
MAP  South Central
MAP  Northeast
MAP  Southeast

Montana Cities by Region

Map of major cities and highways

Glacier National Park

Yellowstone National Park

Flathead Lake

Whitewater Rafting


Montana Hotels and Motels
Best Western

Billings: BEST WESTERN PLUS Kelly Inn & Suites. 4915 Southgate Drive, Billings, MT 59808. Phone: 406-256-9400; Fax: 406-256-9405.

Billings: BEST WESTERN PLUS Clock Tower Inn. 2511 1st Avenue N, Billings, MT 59101. Phone: 406-259-5511; Fax: 406-238-1797.

Bozeman: BEST WESTERN PLUS GranTree Inn. 1325 N. 7th Avenue, Bozeman, MT 59330-1740. Phone: 406-587-5261; Fax: 406-587-9437. E-mail

Butte: BEST WESTERN PLUS Butte Plaza Inn. 2900 Harrison Avenue, Butte, MT 59301. Phone: 406-494-3500; Fax: 406-494-7611. E-mail

Dillon: BEST WESTERN Paradise Inn. 650 N. Montana Street, Dillon, MT 59601. Phone: 406-683-4214; Fax: 406-683-4216.

Gardiner: BEST WESTERN PLUS By Mammoth Hot Springs. US Highway 89 S, Gardiner, MT 59404. Phone: 406-848-7311; Fax: 406-848-7120.

Great Falls: BEST WESTERN PLUS Heritage Inn. 1700 Fox Farm Road, Great Falls, MT 59068. Phone: 406-761-1900; Fax: 406-761-0136.

Havre: BEST WESTERN PLUS Great Northern Inn. 1345 First Street, Havre, MT 59860-2305. Phone: 406-265-4200; Fax: 406-265-3656. E-mail

Helena: BEST WESTERN PREMIER Helena Great Northern Hotel. 835 Great Northern Boulevard, Helena, MT 59901. Phone: 406-457-5500; Fax: 406-457-5501.

Kalispell: BEST WESTERN PLUS White Oak Grand. 4824 Highway 93 South, Kalispell, MT 59725. Phone: 406-857-2400; Fax: 406-857-2401.

Laurel: BEST WESTERN Yellowstone Crossing. 205 SE 4th Street, Laurel, MT 59758. Phone: 406-628-6888; Fax: 406-628-6888.

Livingston: BEST WESTERN Yellowstone Inn. 1515 W. Park Street, Livingston, MT 59860. Phone: 406-222-6110; Fax: 406-222-3357. E-mail

Miles City: BEST WESTERN War Bonnet Inn. 1015 S. Haynes Avenue, Miles City, MT 59758. Phone: 406-234-4560; Fax: 406-234-0363.

Missoula: BEST WESTERN PLUS Grant Creek Inn. 5280 Grant Creek Road, Missoula, MT 59047-3840. Phone: 406-543-0700; Fax: 406-543-0777.

Polson: BEST WESTERN PLUS KwaTaqNuk Resort. 49708 US Highway 93, Polson, MT 59101-4668. Phone: 406-883-3636; Fax: 406-883-5392.

West Yellowstone: BEST WESTERN Cross-Winds Motor Inn. 201 Firehole, PO Box 340, West Yellowstone, MT 59840. Phone: 406-646-9557; Fax: 406-646-9592.

West Yellowstone: BEST WESTERN Desert Inn US 20, 191 & 287, West Yellowstone, MT 59101-4668. Phone: 406-646-7376; Fax: 406-646-7759.

West Yellowstone: BEST WESTERN Weston Inn. 103 Gibbon Street, West Yellowstone, MT 59758. Phone: 406-646-7373 ; Fax: 406-646-7572.

Whitefish: BEST WESTERN Rocky Mountain Lodge. 6510 Highway 93 S, Whitefish, MT 59044. Phone: 406-862-2569; Fax: 406-862-1154.


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