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#4 - Bronze:  Linked Listing


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Note: We understand not everyone likes to use online forms.  If this is the case, please print this page and send it via regular mail or fax (509-838-0871).  You also may submit your listing information via e-mail.

Please complete the information below to obtain your Bronze Linked Listing at Go Northwest!.  The cost is only $39.00 per year.

When you are ready to send your information, just click the "Submit Form" button at the bottom of the page.  You need click the button only once.  You then will see a confirmation screen showing the information which you entered.  This indicates your information has been sent.  We will contact you to confirm your order.

  1. Date of Submission :

    -- mm/dd/yy


  2. Choose one of the following options:

    Add Listing
    Change Listing


  3. Please provide the following contact information:

    First Name
    Last Name
    Middle Initial
    Street Address
    Address (cont.)
    Zip/Postal Code
    Work Phone
  4. Type of Business

    Please indicate the type of business.  (For example, B&B, Restaurant, Hotel, Museum, Theatre, Outfitter, Ranch, Tour Operator, Chamber of Commerce, Newspaper, etc.)

    Type of Business
  5. Additional Comments:

    Please add any additional comments you would like to make in the box below.  (Note: To add a description of your business, please fill out our form for "Listing with Description".

    Congratulations!  You have now completed the Order Form for a linked listing.

  6. Submit Your Listing Information

    Click the "Submit Form" button below to submit your information online (click the button just once).  Or, if you prefer, print this page and send it to us via Fax (509-838-0871) or regular mail.

  7. Payment

    You may submit your payment of $39.00 in US funds by check or credit card.

    *Please note the above plans are subject to a surcharge when your business web site is not under it's own domain name. An example would be This surcharge does not apply when your business has it's own domain name such as For more information please contact Go Northwest!

    Check:  Please make your check payable to Go Northwest in the amount of $39.00 in US funds.  The mailing address is:

    Go Northwest
    PO Box 1909
    Columbia Falls, MT 59912

Credit Card:  Please submit your credit card information by telephone: 406-892-2940 or 206-715-1704, or regular mail. The information must include the following:

Account Number  __________________   Expiration Date: _____

Card ID Number (back side of card):  _____

Name on the Card: _________________________

Mail Address as it appears on your credit card statement:

Street: __________________________

City: ______________  State: _______  ZIP: ___________

Please feel free to contact us by email at, or, telephone us at 406-892-2940 or 206-715-1704 during normal business hours if you have questions or wish additional information.

Thank you for your participation on Go Northwest!  We look forward to carrying your listing and bringing more visitors to your web site.


Jack C. High
Editor and Publisher
PO Box 1909
Columbia Falls, MT 59912
Voice: 406-892-2940 or 206-715-1704