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  Driving Tours in Washington, USA
  Seattle - Leavenworth - Coulee Dam


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Drive halfway across Washington state, over the Cascade Mountains, and see for yourself dramatic changes in landscape.  Only when you have seen thick evergreen forest on soaring mountains, and sagebrush desert plains all in one day, will you truly appreciate references to the "wet side" and "dry side" of the state.  The tour takes you through a landscape in motion - as seen from a geological perspective. Markers along the way describe the forces that shape the land, and add to the enjoyment of the amazing scenery.  A stopover in Coulee Dam, reveals an audacious human enterprise to harness the forces of nature.  A stopover in Leavenworth for delightful shopping and delicious dining makes a nice change of pace from driving.

This tour is especially enjoyable for those unfamiliar with Washington's landscapes, and makes a good three-day round trip out of Seattle.  Those who prefer a more active vacation, might want to extend the itinerary with stops for winter sports or summer hiking in the mountains, or fishing in the lakes.

Moon Handbooks: Washington
by Don Pitcher
In-depth coverage of the history, landscape, and changes in a state that has come of age.  Ranges from Olympic Peninsula's lush rainforests and long sandy beaches, to glacier-clad Cascade summits, friendly eastern towns and wineries, the tranquil Puget Sound, Seattle, and the San Juan Islands.

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