Spokane Attractions
City Center - "Downtown"

Downtown Spokane, the city center, offers the visitor a number of pleasant surprises in addition to the usual array of department stores, franchises, boutiques, restaurants and office buildings found in most any city of consequence.

Skywalks link 14 blocks of Spokane's downtown.

Take for example, the numerous Skywalks linking 14 blocks of buildings and enabling one to browse, stroll, shop and/or conduct business in much of the city center without ever stepping outdoors in the heat of summer or the cold of winter.

Perhaps most surprising is to find a castle-like county court house resembling two famous 16th century chateaux's found in the Loire Valley of France -- the Chateaux de Chambord built in 1519 and the Chateaux d'Azay Le Rideau built in 1516. But that's the case with the Spokane County Courthouse, which you will find at 1116 W. Broadway.

You also will find an interesting array of artifacts and remnants from various historic buildings and industrial structures interwoven throughout other parts of the central business district including smoke stacks, warehouses and steam plants -- including an upscale restaurant with tables sitting in an old steam boiler.

Not to be missed is perhaps the crown jewel of the city's natural attractions, the Spokane River as it flows through the middle of Spokane's Riverfront Park.

View looking south across the Spokane River at the Looff Carousel and downtown Spokane.

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