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Air Travel's Bargain Basement: The International Directory of Consolidators, Bucket Shops and Other Sources of Discount Travel
by Kelly Monaghan
November 1999 1st edition, 128 pages, Paperback, (non-fiction)
Over 300 sources to help you find the right wholesale specialist.

Consumer Reports Best Travel Deals 2000
by Donna Heiderstadt
January 2000, annual, Paperback, (non-fiction)
Inside information on how to get the best deals in air, sea and rail travel.

Discount Airfares - The Insider's Guide: How to Save Up to 75% on Airline Tickets
by George E. Hobart
January 2000, 2nd edition, 256 pages, Paperback, (non-fiction)
A variety of strategies, with many phone numbers and Internet addresses, for finding the best deals in many different traveling situations.

Fly Cheap!
by Kelly Monaghan
October pages, Paperback, (non-fiction)
Newsy, nifty, really worthwhile information about airlines, what they offer, and how to get deals that save you money.

Fly Free, Stay Cheap!: 'How-To' Strategies and Tips for Free Flights & Cheap Travel
by Vicki Mills
June pages, Paperback, (non-fiction)
Learn how to travel to the world's most expensive destinations on a shoestring budget.

Insider Travel Secrets
by Tom Parsons
September 1998, revised edition, 416 pages, Paperback, (non-fiction)
An amazing compilation of ways to save money when traveling.

The Practical Nomad: How to Travel Around the World
by Edward Hasbrouck
September 2000, 2nd edition, 560 pages, Paperback, (non-fiction)
Dry reading, but lots of good advice from this travel agent.

Sams Teach Yourself e-Travel Today
by Mark Orwoll
December 1999, 320 pages, Paperback, (non-fiction)
Helps negotiate the labyrinth of online travel resources, teaching both Internet novices and veterans how to plan travel online.

The Worldwide Guide to Cheap Airfares: How to Travel the World Without Breaking the Bank
by Michael William McColl
March 1998, 6th edition, Paperback, (non-fiction)

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