Spokane Food and Beverage
South Hill Restaurants

The South Hill has a smaller amount of restaurants but still has a decent variety. The Perry District is an eclectic neighborhood located on the lower eastside of the south hill where you can enjoy a meal at South Perry Café and see the Dutch Windmill Landmark. South from the Perry District is Lincoln Heights with the nostalgic Hogan's. Other neighborhoods include Cannon Hill, Manito and Moran Prairie. You will also find listings in the southwest like Chaps and Longhorn Barbeque.

Applebee's - South Hill. 2007 E. 29th Avenue, Spokane, WA 99203. Phone: 509-535-4400.

Casper Fry. 928 S. Perry, Spokane, WA 99201. Phone: 509-535-0536.

Chalet Restaurant. 2918 S. Grand Boulevard, Spokane, WA 99203. Phone: 509-747-6474.

Ezell's Chicken. 4919 S. Regal Street, Spokane, WA 99223. Phone: 509-448-4881.

Hogan's Diner. 2977 E. 29th Avenue, Spokane, WA 99223. Phone: 509-535-7567.

Hugo's on the Hill. 3023 E. 28th Avenue, Spokane, WA 99223. Phone: 509-535-2961. E-mail

Juniper Bistro. Rocket Market at 726 E. 43rd, Spokane, WA 99203. Phone: 509-343-2253. GPS: N 47,36.866; W 117,23.987.

Laguna Café. 2013 E. 29th Avenue, Spokane, WA 99223. Phone: 509-448-0887.

Lindaman's. 1235 S. Grand, Spokane, WA 99202. Phone: 509-838-3000.

Luna. 5620 S. Perry, Spokane, WA 99223. Phone: 509-448-2383; Fax: 509-448-9765. E-mail

Manito Park Bench Café. Located in Manito Park between Mirror Pond (Duck Pond) and Duncan Garden at 1928 S. Tekoa Street, Spokane, WA 99203. (Open from late May to late September).

Picabu Bistro. 901 W. 14th Avenue, Spokane, WA 99204. Phone: 509-624-2464; Fax: 509-624-2282.

Remedy. 3809 S. Grand Boulevard, Spokane, WA 99203. Phone: 509-443-3730.

South Hill Grill. 2808 E. 29th Avenue, Spokane, WA 99223. Phone: 509-536-4745.

Twigs Bistro and Martini Bar. 4320 S. Regal, Spokane, WA 99223. Phone: 509-443-8000; Fax: 509-443-6662. E-mailTwigs South Hill

The Two Seven. 2727 S. Mt. Vernon, Spokane, WA 99223. Phone: 509-473-9766.

Wisconsin Burger. 916 Hatch Street, Spokane, WA 99202. Phone: 509-241-3083.

Wolf Creek Lodge. 104 S. Freya, Spokane, WA 99202. Phone: 509-535-8972.


Chaps. 4237 S. Cheney-Spokane Road, Spokane, WA 99224. Phone: 509-624-4182.

Chili's - Spokane Int'l Airport. 9000 W. Airport Drive, Spokane, WA 99224. Phone: 509-624-3400.

Denny's S. Geiger Boulevard. 3711 S. Geiger Boulevard, Spokane, WA 99224. Phone: 509-744-7060.

Latah Bistro. 4241 S. Cheney Spokane Road, Spokane, WA 99224. Phone: 509-838-8338.

Longhorn Barbecue - West. 7611 W. Sunset Highway, Spokane, WA 99218. Phone: 509-838-8372.

Pepper's Grill & Bar. Holiday Inn Spokane Airport Hotel at 1616 S. Windsor Drive, Spokane, WA 99224. Phone: 509-838-1170.

Remingtons. Ramada Inn at 8909 West Airport Drive, Spokane, WA 99224. Phone: 509-838-5211.

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