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Hornby Island, BC

The history of Hornby Island is as eclectic as its culture. Part of a prehistoric arc of islands called Wrangellia, Hornby is thought to be the product of several cataclysmic events that date back as much as a hundred million years. Geologic findings on several of the Gulf Islands suggest that Hornby was molded into shape through the combined effort of volcanic eruptions thousands of miles away, massive earthquakes and receding glaciers that scratched, scoured and gouged the land mass into its present form. The island's unusual history has been the source of fascination for geologists and visitors for years.

Hornby's culture reflects a melding of contrasting forces as well. Once home to an ancient Coast Salish people called the Pentlatch, the island was later settled European settlers in the 1880s who converted the island to a farming community. By the mid-1900s, most of the inhabitants had moved on and an art community, injected with the enthusiasm and vibrancy of Vancouver's counter-culture revolution began to take shape. Hornby became home to artists and musicians of all kinds, producing a community that reflects its diverse origins even today.

To the visitor, modern-day Hornby represents a fascinating world of diversion. Recreation includes kayaking throughout the Gulf Islands, diving, hiking, camping, shopping and taking advantage of the resort-style accommodations on the island. There are two music/arts festivals each year as well as several galleries featuring renowned local artists.

Getting to Hornby involves several ferries and takes about 5 hours, starting from the Tsawwassen ferry terminal south of Vancouver. Located in the northern group of Gulf Islands that is sandwiched between Vancouver Island and the Sunshine Coast, Hornby's remote and carefully preserved beauty is well worth the trip.

Hornby 2655 Central Road, Hornby Island, BC V0R 1Z0. Phone: 205-335-3040; Fax: 250-335-3041. E-mail

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