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Okanagan Valley, BC

The Okanagan Valley is located at the heart of British Columbia's fertile Thompson-Okanagan region. Cradled between the Cascade Mountains on the west and the Monashee Mountains on the east, the valley enjoys some of the warmest and driest weather in British Columbia. It also has some of the best year-round recreational opportunities on the continent.

Okanagan Lake as seen from Highway 97 looking north toward the town of Peachland.

At northern tip of the valley, above the agricultural center of Vernon, is Shuswap Lake and the neighboring towns of Salmon Arm, Chase, Sorrento and Sicamous. A favorite vacation destination for many Canadians, Shuswap Lake is considered the houseboat capital of Canada. Captivating scenery and excellent fishing, skiing and boating opportunities make it a prime winter and summer destination.

The cities of Kelowna, Westbank and Peachland lie at the center of Okanagan Valley. Known as the valley's entertainment capital, Kelowna hosts a variety of events during the region's seasonal wine festivals and serves as a major commercial center for much of the Okanagan.

The southern region of the valley extends to the desert town of Osoyoos, just above the Canada-US. border. Known as Canada's "pocket" desert, this region's vineyards and orchards thrive as a result of a complex irrigation system that funnels water from lakes above the valley floor. The teeming city of Penticton makes up the northern edge of this southern region, with arid hillsides that reflect its warm, dry temperatures.

Hiking, biking and studying the unusual topography and history of Canada's only desert are favorite pastimes in this unique Mediterranean-like climate.

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