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Barkley Sound, BC

Barkley Sound and the Broken Group Islands comprise one of the three main recreational components in the Pacific Rim National Park (the other two components being Long Beach and the West Coast Trail described below).

Barkley Sound lies south of Ucluelet and north of Bamfield on the west coast of Vancouver Island. Covering an area of approximately 500 square miles (roughly 800 square kilometers) that includes hundreds of islands, none of which is larger than 2 miles across.

To the north of Barkley Sound is Long Beach, one of the main components of the Pacific Rim National Park. Long Beach runs between the villages of Ucluelet and Tofino and offers approximately 10 miles of sandy beach exposed to the full power of the west coast of the Pacific Ocean. This is a spot that is enjoyed year round. In the summer months visitors come to this spot to walk the beach. In the winter this area draws visitors who sit inside of a cozy cabin or lodge and watch the power of nature displayed in the form of thundering winter ocean swells and storms.

To the south of Barkley Sound is Canada's well known West Coast Trail, another of the main components of the Pacific Rim National Park and perhaps the best known hiking trial in British Columbia. The full trail is approximately 50 miles in length - running from Port Renfrew (google map) at the southern end, running along the west coast of Vancouver Island with the northernmost end of the trail at Pachina Point, a couple miles south of Bamfield, BC (google map) and just south of Barkley Sound.

Barkley Sound offers the beauty of more than one hundred islands in a nationally protected national park. Just north of the sound you will find miles and miles of beautiful, protected sandy beach and just south of the sound you can hike part of the rugged West Coast Trail. With unsurpassed and nationally protected islands, beaches, camping, and hiking opportunities, the Barkley Sound area offers adventures for everyone!

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