Victoria, British Columbia


Fairfield Bicycle Shop. 1275 Oscar Street, Victoria, BC V8V 2X6. Phone: 250-381-2453; Toll-free: 1-866-988-2453.

Greater Victoria Cycling Coalition (GVCC). PO Box 8586, Victoria, BC V8W 3S2. Phone: 250-480-5155.

North Park Bicycle Shop. 1725 Quadra Street, Victoria, BC V8W 2L7. Phone: 250-386-2453; Fax: 250-386-2452. E-mail

Rider's Cycles. 1092 Cloverdale Avenue, Victoria, BC V8X 2T9. Phone: 250-381-1125.

Selkirk Station and Switch Bridge Tours. 106-80 Regatta Landing, Victoria, BC V9A 7S2. Phone: 250-383-1466; Toll-free: 1-866-383-1466.

Trek Bikes. 338 Catherine Street, Victoria, BC V9A 3S8. Phone: 250-380-7877.


Esquimalt Lagoon Migratory Bird Sanctuary.

Victoria Natural History Society. PO Box 5220, Victoria, BC V8R 6N4. Phone: 250-704-2555.

Cruises, Tours and Charters

Festivals and Events

Antimatter Underground Film Festival

Canada Day

Organic Islands Festival. 1247 Knockan Drive, Victoria, BC V8Z 7B8. Phone: 250-658-8148; Fax: 250-658-8146. E-mail

Symphony Splash
Largest outdoor symphony event attracting up to 40,000 visitors.



BC Golf Safaris. B-551 Johnson Street, Victoria, BC V8W 1M2. Phone: 250-889-4653; Toll-free: 1-866-723-2747; Fax: 250-383-4653. E-mail

Cedar Hill Golf Course. 1400 Derby Road, Victoria, BC V8P 1T1. Phone: 250-475-7151.

Cordova Bay Golf Course. 5331 Cordova Bay Road, Victoria, BC V8Y 2L3. Phone: 250-658-4444. E-mail

Golf Central Tours. Phone: 250--380-4653; Toll-free: 1-866-380-4653. E-mail

Gorge Vale Golf Club. 1005 Craigflower Road, Victoria, BC V9A 2X9. Phone: 250-383-6451.

Highland Pacific Golf. 450 Creed Road, Victoria, BC V9B 6C9. Phone: 250-478-4653; Fax: 250-478-8823. E-mail

Island View Golf. 7081 Central Saanich Road, Victoria, BC V8M 1Y3. Phone: 250-652-5215; Fax: 250-652-4494. E-mail

Olympic View Golf Club. 643 Latoria Road, Victoria, BC V9C 3A3. Phone: 250-474-3673; Fax: 250-474-3673. E-mail

Prospect Lake Golf Course. 4633 Prospect Lake Road, Victoria, BC V9E 1J5. Phone: 250-479-2688. E-mail

Randle Golf. 643 Latoria Road, Victoria, BC V9C 3A3. Phone: 250-508-2742.

Royal Colwood Golf Club. 629 Goldstream Avenue, Victoria, BC V9B 2W9. Phone: 250-478-8331.

Royal Oak Golf Club. 540 Marsett Pl, Victoria, BC V8Z 7J1. Phone: 250-658-1433.

Uplands Golf Club. 3300 Cadboro Bay Road, Victoria, BC VSR 5K5. Phone: 250-592-7313; Fax: 250-592-753313. E-mail

Victoria Golf Club. 1110 Beach Drive, Victoria, BC V8S 2M9. Phone: 250-598-4321.

Guides and Outfitters

Blackfish Wilderness Expeditions. Phone: 250-216-2389.

Lawn Bowling

Fitzroy Victoria Bowling & Sports Club. Located in Edinburgh Gardens Sporting precinct. E-mail

Juan de Fuca Lawn Bowling Club. 1767 Island Highway, Victoria, BC.

Oak Bay Lawn Bowling Club. 2190 Harlow Drive, Victoria, BC V8R 3J1. Phone: 250-592-1823.

Victoria Lawn Bowling Club. PO Box 23011, Victoria, BC V8V 4Z8. Phone: 250-383-5851. E-mail


Brentwood Marina. 849 Verdier Avenue, Victoria, BC V8M 1C5. Phone: 250-544-2079; Toll-free: 1-888-544-2079. E-mail

Canoe Cove Marina. 2300 Canoe Cove Road, North Saanich, Victoria, BC V8L 3X9.

Goldstream Boathouse Marina. 3540 Trans Canada Highway, Victoria, BC.

Oak Bay Marina. 1327 Beach Drive, Victoria, BC V8S 2N4. Phone: 250-598-3369.

Pedder Bay Marina. 925 Pedder Bay Drive, Victoria, BC V9C 4H1. Phone: 250-478-1771; Fax: 250-478-0285.

Port Side Marina. 789 Saunders Lane, Brentwood Bay, Victoria, BC. Phone: 250-652-2211. Longitude: 48 34' 40.65" N Latitude: 123 28' 01.40 W

Outdoor Recreation

Club Tread.

Goldstream Provincial Park. Phone: 250-474-1336.

Mount Douglas Park.


3-Hour Sail. Phone: 250-885-2311; Toll-free: 1-877-788-4263.

Blackfish Sailing Adventures. Phone: 250-216-2389. E-mail

Scuba Diving

Beyond Deep Diving. 1636 Cedar Hill X Road, Victoria, BC V8P 2P6. Phone: 250-475-2202. E-mail

Frank White's Dive Store. 1620 Blanshard Street, Victoria, BC V8W 2J7. Phone: 250-385-4713. E-mail

Ogden Point Dive Center. 199 Dallas Road, Victoria, BC V8V 1A1. Phone: 250-380-9119; Toll-free: 1-888-701-1177. E-mail

South Coast Diving. 825 Admirals Road, Victoria, BC V9A 2P1. Phone: 250-361-1556; 24 hour pager: 250-389-7501; Fax: 250-361-1595. E-mail

Wilson Diving. 105-1790 Old Island Highway, Victoria, BC V9B 1H8. Phone: 250-478-4488; Fax: 250-478-4568. E-mail

Sports Entertainment - Hockey

Victoria Salmon Kings. 1925 Blanshard Street, Victoria, BC V8T 4J2. Phone: 250-220-7888; Fax: 250-220-7887. E-mail

Sporting Goods

Cycle BC Rentals. 950 Wharf Street, Victoria, BC V8W 1T3. Phone: 250-385-2453.

Cycle BC Rentals. 685 Humboldt Street, Victoria, BC V8W 1A6. Phone: 250-380-2453.

Robinsons Outdoors Store. 1307 Broad Street, Victoria, BC V8W 2A8. Phone: 250-385-3429; Toll-free: 1-888-317-0033. E-mail

Sports Traders. 508 Discovery Street, Victoria, BC V8T 1G8. Phone: 250-383-6443; Toll-free: 1-800-792-3111.


Crystal Pool. 2275 Quadra Street, Victoria, BC V8T 4C4. Phone: 250-361-0732; Fax: 250-361-0723. E-mail


Galloping Goose Trail. Hiking & biking trail form Victoria to Sooke.

Whale Watching


Royal Victoria Yacht Club. 3475 Ripon Road, Victoria, BC V8R 6H1. Phone: 250-592-2441; Fax: 250-370-2286. E-mail

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