Victoria Food and Beverage

Bond's Bakery. 1010 Blanshard Street, Victoria, BC V8W 2H5. Phone: 250-388-5377?.

Bubby 1. 313 Cook Street, Victoria, BC V8W 3X5. Phone: 250-360-1811; Fax: 250-381-0313.

Bubby 2. 1022 Cook Street, Victoria, BC V8V 3Z5. Phone: 250-472-8229; Fax: 250-472-8223.

Cake's Etc. 2821 Quesnel Street, Victoria, BC V8T 4K2. Phone: 250-360-2390; Fax: 250-360-2396.

Cascadia Bakery. 1812 Government Street, Victoria, BC V8T 4N5. Phone: 250-380-6606.

Cobs Bread. 911 Yates Street, Victoria, BC V8V 4X3. Phone: 250-381-5656.

Cobs Bread. 2178 Oak Bay Avenue, Victoria, BC V8R 1E9. Phone: 250-592-8687.

Cobs Bread. 13-3639 Shelbourne Street, Victoria, BC V8P 4H1. Phone: 250-381-9455.

Dutch Bakery & Coffee Shop. 718 Fort Street, Victoria, BC V8W 1H2. Phone: 250-385-1012.

Fresh Bakery & Bistro. 3115 Cedar Hill Road, Victoria, BC V8T 3J4. Phone: 250-595-2624?.

Irene's Bakery. 2527 Government Street, Victoria, BC V8T 4P6. Phone: 250-384-5543; Fax: 250-384-0641. E-mail

Kadalima's Bakery & Cafe. 2032 Oak Bay Avenue, Victoria, BC V8R 1E4. Phone: 250-598-2712.

Lighthouse Cake Company. 742 Goldstream Avenue, Victoria, BC V9B 2X3. Phone: 250 478-4499. E-mail

Mount Royal Bagel. 1115 North Park Street, Victoria, BC V8T 1A1. Phone: 250-380-3588?.

Ooh La La Cupcakes. 1391A Hillside Avenue, Victoria, BC V8T 2B3. Phone: 250-385-0707; Fax: 250-385-0709. E-mail

Ottavio Italian Bakery & Delicatessen. 2272 Oak Bay Avenue, Victoria, BC V8R 1G7. Phone: 250-592-4080; Fax: 250-592-4080.

Pink Sugar Cupcakery. 773 Fort Street, Victoria, BC V8W 1G9. Phone: 250-590-8055. E-mail

Willie's Bakery & Cafe. 537 Johnson Street, Victoria, BC V8W 1M2. Phone: 250-381-8414; Fax: 250-381-8415. E-mail

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