Idaho Falls, Idaho

Art and Art Galleries

Eagle Bronze Monuments. 343 Main Street, Idaho Falls, ID 83402. Phone: 307-332-3384 or 307-332-5436. E-mail

Elegance In Art. 385 W. Broadway, Idaho Falls, ID 83402. Phone: 208-523-7765.

Idaho Falls Arts Council. 498 A Street, Idaho Falls, ID 83402. Phone: 208-522-0471; Fax: 208-522-0413. E-mail

Idaho Falls Arts Council is a private nonprofit organization that serves as a cultural advocate for the community. The council sponsors musical and dramatic performances, arts classes for children and adults and an arts calendar of regional events. Among its offerings are: "Along the River Concerts", which are free music concerts on the Snake River greenbelt from late June through August. Also, gallery exhibits in the Willard Arts Center.

Farmers Market

Idaho Falls Farmers Market. Saturdays, May-October. PO Box 2628, Idaho Falls, ID 83403. Phone: 208-339-3230. E-mail

Landmarks and Statues

Japanese Stone Lanterns. Located in Sportsman Park.

LDS Idaho Falls Temple. 1000 Memorial Drive, Idaho Falls, ID 83402. Phone: 208-522-7669.

Standing on the banks of the Snake River, the gleaming white Idaho Falls Idaho Temple serves as a centerpiece to the city. Just east of the temple is a gorgeous garden and public visitors' center featuring films, displays, multimedia presentations, and an awe-inspiring reproduction of Thorvaldsen's Christus statue.

Taylors Crossing Toll Bridge. Just East of Broadway Bridge.

W. Wilson Rawls Memorial Statue
The children's classic, "Where the Red Fern Grows," was written when the author, W. Wilson Rawls, lived in Idaho Falls from 1958 to 1975. To commemorate the book’s success, a statue is placed on the lawn of the Library, 457 W. Broadway, which depicts the story’s hero, Billy Coleman, and his two hounds. Web site provides information about Rawls, his book and the movie based on his book.

Wooden Indian - Trail of the Whispering Giants. Located in North Tourist Park.


Motor Vu Drive Inn. 2095 North Yellowstone Highway, Idaho Falls, ID 83401. Phone: 208-523-3711.

Paramount Theater. 2085 Niagara, Idaho Falls, ID 83401. Phone: 208-523-1142.

Sky Vu Drive-In. South Yellowstone Highway, Idaho Falls, ID 83401. Phone: 208-523-1085.

Museums and Exhibits

Art Museum of Eastern Idaho. 300 S. Capital Avenue, Idaho Falls, ID 83402. Phone: 208-524-7777; Fax: 208-529-6666.

Collector's Corner Museum. 900 John Adams Parkway, Idaho Falls, ID 83401. Phone: 208-528-9900.

Museum of Idaho. 200 N. Eastern Avenue, Idaho Falls, ID 83402. Phone: 208-522-1400. E-mail

National Monument

Craters of the Moon National Monument
The Monument lies on U.S. Alternate Route 93, 29 kilometers southwest of Arco in Butte and Blaine counties. Closest interstate is I-84 to the south.

National Parks

Grand Teton National Park. Phone: 307-739-3300.

Yellowstone National Park. West entrance.

Performing Arts

Idaho Falls A Cappella Chorus. PO Box 51042, Idaho Falls, ID 83405. Phone: 208-525-1525.

Idaho Falls Opera Theatre. PO Box 50204, Idaho Falls, ID 50204. Phone: 208-557-8845.

Idaho Falls Opera Theater presents opera and musical productions for Idaho Falls and surrounding communities utilizing the talents of local musicians, actors and technicians of all ages in all aspects of production while promoting a broad public knowledge and appreciation of opera. Performs two fully staged productions each year and sponsors a professional Broadway touring show.

Idaho Falls Symphony. Phone: 208-529-1080. E-mail

Performing Arts - Theater

Actors Repertory Theatre of Idaho. 257 W. Broadway, Idaho Falls, ID 83402. Phone: 208-522-8450. E-mail

Colonial Theater. 498 A Street, Idaho Falls, ID 83402. Phone: 208-522-0471.

Idaho Falls Opera Theatre. PO Box 50204, Idaho Falls, ID 83405. Phone: 208-522-0875. E-mail

Scenic Byway

Mesa Falls Scenic Byway
Begins where the Teton Scenic Byway reaches its northern end in Ashton, at the junction of U.S. 20 and Idaho 47. From there, the route travels through the town of Warm River toward its main attractions: the Upper and Lower Mesa Falls. Length 28.7 miles. Allow 1 hour.


Tautphaus Park Zoo. 2725 Carnival Way, Idaho Falls, ID 83402. Phone: 208-612-8552.

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