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Burley, Idaho

Historic Sites

California & Oregon Trail

Milner Historic Recreation Area. 15 East 200 South, Burley, ID 83318. Phone: 208-677-6641; Fax: 208-677-6699.

Over 100 years ago, emigrants on the Oregon Trail passed through here, and segments marked by deep ruts are still visible. Just north of the west entrance to Milner, there is an interpretive shelter and a hiking trail that leads to some of the ruts. Location: 9 miles West of Burley, Idaho

National Monuments

City of Rocks National Reserve. PO Box 169, Almo, ID 83312. Phone: 208-824-5519; Fax: 208-824-5563.

Craters of the Moon National Monument
The Monument lies on U.S. Alternate Route 93, 29 kilometers southwest of Arco in Butte and Blaine counties. Closest interstate is I-84 to the south.

Hagerman Fossil Beds National Monument. PO Box 570, Twin Falls, ID 83332. Phone: 208-933-4100; Fax: 208-837-4857.
See life before the last Ice Age and view earliest appearance of modern flora and fauna.

Scenic Byway

City of Rocks Back Country Byway

State Parks

Castle Rocks State Park. 3035 S. Elba-Almo Road, Almo, ID 83312. Phone: 208-824-5519; Fax: 208-824-5563.

Lake Walcott State Park. 959 E. Minidoka Dam, Rupert, ID 83350. Phone: 208-436-1258; Fax: 208-436-1268.

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