McCall, Idaho

McCall is one of Idaho's premier recreation destinations. Surrounded by premier ski areas, winter in McCall offers fantastic snow skiing and snowboarding opportunities. Tubing, Nordic skiing, sleigh rides and ice skating are also favorite New Year activities in and around McCall. Situated on the shores of Payette Lake, McCall is within easy access of a wide range of sports, ranging from boating and water skiing to backcountry hiking and horseback riding during the warmer months. Both the Snake and the Salmon Rivers are nearby for whitewater rafting adventures. Find what to do in McCall.


Davis Beach. located at the west end of Diamond Street off Davis Street, McCall, ID 82633. Phone: 208-634-3006.


Bike Path & Trail System. Phone: 208-634-3006.

Brundage Mountain Resort. PO Box 1062, McCall, ID 83638. Phone: 208-634-4151. E-mail


McCall Area Snowmobilers. PO Box 354, McCall, ID 83638.

The McCall Hiking Club. PO Box 697, McCall, ID 83638.

Festivals and Events

McCall Idaho Bike Festival & Motorcycle Rally

McCall Winter Carnival. Phone: 208-634-7631. E-mail
Features ice sculptures and torch-light parade.


Jug Mountain Ranch Golf Course. 13834 Farm To Market Road, McCall, ID 83638. Phone: 208-634-5072; Fax: 208-634-5071.

McCall Municipal Golf Course. 925 Fairway Drive, McCall, ID 83638. Phone: 208-634-7200. E-mail

Whitetail Golf Club. 501 W. Lake Street, McCall, ID 83638. Toll-free: 1-800-657-6464; Fax: 208-634-7504.

Guides and Outfitters

Payette Powder Guides. PO Box 46, McCall, ID 83638. Phone: 208-634-4263 or 208-634-3189.

Guides and Outfitters - Fishing

Fly Fish McCall. PO Box 2117, McCall, ID 83638. Phone: 208-634-1324. E-mail

McCall Angler. 307 E. Park, McCall, ID 83638. Phone: 208-634-4004; Toll-free: 1-888-634-4004. E-mail

Guides and Outfitters - Hunting

Elk Springs Outfitters. PO Box 1429, McCall, ID 83638. Phone: 208-469-9999. E-mail

Guides and Outfitters - Whitewater Rafting

Brundage Mountain Whitewater Adventures. Phone: 208-628-4212. E-mail

Canyons Incorporated. 160 Commerce Street, McCall, ID 83638. Phone: 208-634-4303; Toll-free: 1-888-634-2600; Fax: 888-629-7239. E-mail

Hells Canyon Raft. PO 4610, McCall, ID 83638. Phone: 208-634-6366; Toll-free: 1-800-523-6502. E-mail

Northstar River Expeditions. PO Box 906, McCall, ID 83638. Toll-free: 1-877-610-3200. E-mail

Salmon River Outfitters. PO Box 1006, McCall, ID 83638. Toll-free: 1-800-346-6204; Fax: 208-634-1047. E-mail

Ice Rink

Manchester Ice & Event Centre. 200 E. Lake Street, McCall, ID 83638. Phone: 208-634-3570; Fax: 208-634-3575. E-mail


Mile High Marina. 1300 E. Lake Street, McCall, ID 83638. Phone: 208-634-8605. E-mail

Outdoor Recreation

Brundage Mountain Resort
Skiing is the focus of this Resort and its web site includes a web cam and weather conditions on the mountain. Nearby McCall is the home of numerous Olympic skiers. Whitewater rafting and mountain biking are offered in summer.

Lake Cascade State Park. 970 Dam Road, Cascade, McCall, ID 83611. Phone: 208-382-6544; Toll-free: 1-866-634-3246; Fax: 208-382-4071.

Hiking, bird watching, photography, mountain biking, all types of boating, ice fishing, snowmobiling, cross country skiing.

Payette Lake. Phone: 208-634-7631.

Payette National Forest. 800 West Lakeside Avenue, McCall, ID 83638. Phone: 208-634-0700.

Hiking, fishing, camping, hunting, skiing, snowmobiling.

Ponderosa State Park. 1920 N. Davis Avenue, McCall, ID 83638. Phone: 208-634-2164; Fax: 208-634-5370.

This park is named for the Ponderosa Pines, some 500 years old and 150 feet tall, which shade the campgrounds. Hiking and biking trails on this peninsula park wind through deep woods, a spongy marsh and arid sagebrush flats. Located just north of McCall on the Payette Lake

Skate Park

Harshman Skate Park. Phone: 208-634-3006.

Snow Activities/Skiing

Brundage Mountain Resort. PO Box 1062, McCall, ID 83638. Phone: 208-634-4151. E-mail

Little Ski Hill. Phone: 208-634-5691. E-mail

The Activity Barn. PO Box 2013, McCall, ID 83638. Phone: 208-634-2222; Fax: 208-634-1268.

Sporting Goods/Rentals

Alpine Ski Rentals. 409 S. 3rd Street, McCall, ID 83638. Phone: 208-634-3007. E-mail

Cheap Thrills Rentals. 303 N. Third Street, McCall, ID 83638. Phone: 208-634-7472; Toll-free: 1-800-831-1025.

Gravity Sports. 503 Pine Street, McCall, ID 83638. Phone: 208-634-8530. E-mail

Hinson Power Sports. 13924 Highway 55, McCall, ID 83638. Phone: 208-634-7007.

Home Town Sports. 300 Lenora, McCall, ID 83638. Phone: 208-634-2302. E-mail

Mud Creek Outdoor Gear. 1000 N. 3rd Street, McCall, ID 83638. Phone: 208-634-1968. E-mail


Historical Museum. West Lake Street, McCall, ID 82633. Phone: 208-634-3006.

Weather Conditions

Payette National Forest Avalanche Center
Avalanche advisories for the backcountry surrounding the towns of McCall and Cascade.

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