Historic Sites

Find a Grave - Montana
This web page lists famous figures buried in Montana, including two scouts for General Custer. Includes cemetery location.

Lewis and Clark in Montana
The Lewis & Clark Expedition, 1804-1806, followed the Missouri River from St. Louis, Missouri to the river's headwaters in what is now the State of Montana, then proceeded overland through portions of the Rocky Mountains to the Snake and Columbia Rivers and eventually to the Pacific Ocean. This web site is a guide to the scores of landmarks in Montana that are related to the Lewis & Clark Expedition. Also includes links to events and festivals related to the expedition.

Old West Gravesites
Steve Grimm's site includes a listing for Montana. It focuses on outlaws, fur trappers, native Americans and others.

Sacred Journey of the Nez Perce
Web site for documentary co-produced by the Idaho Public Television and Montana Public Television. A story about a physical trek over 1,600 difficult miles and a story of a spiritual journey of healing, patience and pride that has led many Nez Perce back to their cultural roots.


Art Montana
An online directory of Montana artists, galleries, museums, art centers and resources.

National Parks

Nez Perce National Historical Park
The 38 sites of the park are located in Idaho, Montana, Oregon, and Washington, and preserve the history of the Nez Perce people and their relationship to North American history (A National Park Service's web page.)

Scenic Sites

Lakes and Reservoirs
Click on the buttons for photos only of over 40 Montana lakes including Billings, Bowman, Ennis, McDonald and Upsata. (Part of the Montana Film Office web site.)

Mountain Ranges
Photos and facts of over 10 Montana ranges including the Absoraka, Beartooth, Bridger, Madison and Mission. (Part of the Montana Film Office web site.)

Click on the buttons for photos only of over 40 Montana rivers including Big Hole, Blackfoot, Gallatin, Missouri, Stillwater and Swan. (Part of the Montana Film Office web site.)

Click on the buttons for photos only of over 10 Montana waterfalls including Beartooth, Crow Creek, Natural Bridge and Silver Staircase. (Part of the Montana Film Office web site.)

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