Glacier National Park Hiking
Hidden Lake Trail

Destination: Hidden Lake Trail
Round Trip: 5.4 Miles **
Elevation at start: 6,647 ft
Highest point: 7,152 ft
Elevation change: 1,325 ft

Popular Place for Photographs

Hidden Lake Trail to the Hidden Lake Overlook is probably one of the most popular hikes in the park during peak season.

Hidden Lake Trail boardwalk

Starting at the Logan Pass Visitor Center, the trail weaves behind the building and continues uphill pointing right at Clements Mountain. The hike begins with a paved path then quickly turns to a raised boardwalk. The boardwalk keeps hikers off the snow the first month the trail is open; and off the delicate wildflowers the rest of the season.

Hidden Lake Trail ponds

Going slow and stopping along the way to enjoy the views is a good practice at this altitude. The views of the Garden Wall and surrounding peaks are incredible!

Take Time to Take in the Views

Hidden Lake Trail beaten path

At 0.5 miles the boardwalk ends, and hikers continue along a well-worn path that rounds Clements Mountain and offers excellent views of the southeast and south faces of the dramatic peak which towers to an elevation of 8760 feet.

Hidden Lake Overlook

The Hidden Lake overlook is the most popular turn-around spot for most visitors. The awesome views and close wildlife are often the highlight for most visiting the park. The spectacular views of Mt. Reynolds and Mt. Clements, along with the hanging gardens and omnipresent Marmots and Mountain Goats make this a rich and thus popular stop that doesn’t take up the whole day.

Trail Continues to Hidden Lake Shore

Hidden Lake Trail to the lake

Other hikers often descend from the overlook to the lake shore. Descending from the overlook, the trail drops 700 feet to the shore of Hidden Lake.

 At about 2.7 miles, the trail finally meets the shore. A small pebble beach and great scenery await those who decide to go farther than the overlook. A pit toilet is near the end of the trail just before the lake.

 This last 2.7 miles of the Hidden Lake Trail often can be closed beyond the Overlook due to Grizzly Bear activity. Call ahead or inquire at the Visitor Center.

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