Glacier National Park Hiking
Highline Trail

Round Trip: 11.8 Miles **
Highest point: 7,024 ft
Elevation change: 1,950 ft

Highline Trail Starts at Logan Pass

The Highline Trail is one of the most popular hikes in the park, and most spectacular! Commanding views of the jagged peaks and deep U-shaped valleys, along with abundant wildlife and wildflowers are some of the high points on this hike.

Start of Highline Trail at Logan Pass

Starting at Logan Pass, the Highline Trail is actually a through hike. One way to work it is to drop your car at The Loop parking area on the Going-to-the-Sun Road down the west side from Logan Pass. Catch the scheduled shuttle up to Logan Pass, and start the hike; ending at your car.

The Highline Trail Ledge Looks Daunting

The wall on the highline trail

From Logan Pass, the trail moves through alpine meadow and trees, and comes to a sudden change. The trail turns into the famous ledge. It hugs steep walls with incredible views down the valley to the west, and directly above the road. This stretch is only three tenths of a mile, but it can be nerve-racking for those afraid of heights. Rest assured, as there is a cable to hold onto, and the trail is plenty wide for multiple hikers to pass each other. After the ledge, the trail makes its way through gorgeous alpine meadows, stands of Subalpine Fir and boulder fields. In the boulders, watch and listen for Pika and Hoary Marmots!

Take Time to Take in the Views

Highline trail looking south

At 3.6 miles, after climbing uphill 200 ft along a long switch back, you reach Haystack pass. From here, the trail continues down hill slightly with more fantastic views and wildflowers, another 4 miles to the Granite Park trail junction.

The narrow highline trail along the Garden Wall

At the Granite Park trail junction, you can go straight and visit the Granite Park Chalet! It was built in 1914 and is one of the 9 chalets that was built by the railroad in the early days of the Park. Hikers can purchase snacks or water here. The Chalet also has 12 rooms with 2 to 6 bunks, reservations are necessary as it is a very popular place for hikers to stay. See the web site for the Granite Park Chalet for more information accommodations and reservations.

Follow the Trail to the Loop

Following the signs left will take you down the Loop trail, a decent of almost 2,000 feet and 4 miles will land you at The Loop, where you parked your car, or you can grab a shuttle back to Logan Pass if you parked there.

Highline trails can be taken all the way to the Loop.

** Although the trail is 11.8 miles, that by no means one has to hike the whole thing. Starting at Logan Pass, you can hike out along the trail any distance and turn around and hike back. This section before the descent to the Loop is mainly level and the only climb is up to Haystack Pass. For short and fast day hikes, just doing a portion of the Highline offers the same incredible views but with less miles and time involved.

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