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Cities and Towns of the Oregon Coast

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Oregon Coast Travel Region
Yachats, Oregon

Yachats (pronounced Ya-hots), is a small coastal community located approximately 30 miles south of Newport on Oregon's central coast. Surrounded by some of Oregon's most famous natural and historical attractions, the fishing community is a favorite stop for visitors throughout the year.

Yachats and Yachats Bay photo by Go Northwest!

Looking northeast toward the City of Yachats as viewed from Yachats Ocean Road State Natural Site where a one-mile loop affords scenic viewpoints of town and Yachats Bay. Go Northwest! photo by Jack High. GPS: N 44,18.36; W 124,6.31.

The Smelt Sands State Recreation Site, situated inside Yachats, is an ideal place to view passing whales as well as to experience a bit of Yachats lore. The Yachats Smelt Trail (otherwise known as the 804 Trail) traces the footsteps of early settlers who lived off of these abundant little fish. The 3/4 mile trail leads to local tide pools, picnic areas and spectacular sunsets.

The town's original 1930 church serves as Yachat's historical museum. Refurbished to its original log-cabin appearance, the Little Log Church Museum features exhibits of early coastal life and is often used for weddings and community events.

Cape Perpetua, located two miles south of Yachats, is the highest location on the Oregon Coast. The park's overlook provides sweeping vistas of Oregon's central coast and is the starting point for numerous coastal and wooded trails. Interpretive programs are available during its open season, which runs from Memorial Day to Labor Day.

The world's largest Stellar sea lion cave is located approximately 15 miles south of Yachats. An elevator shuttles visitors to the cave, which is located 208 feet below a panoramic overlook. The weather on Oregon's northern coast can be breezy even during the summer months, so visitors may wish to come prepared.

Dining amenities in Yachats range from the inexpensive to fine dining. Accommodations include a variety of campgrounds and RV parks, as well as a tasteful selection of in-town motels, inns, beach houses and lodges.

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