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Gain greater internet visibility for your Go Northwest listing and bring more customers to your business by participating in a Sponsored Listing Plan. Sponsored Listings appear at the top of a page or section of a page featuring listings of like businesses.

Choose from Four Plans:

  • Platinum: Linked listing with a 75 word paragraph description and an image, $79.00 per year. See Example  Order Now!

  • Silver: Linked listing with a one-paragraph description of up to 75 words: $49.00 per year. See Example  Order Now!

  • Bronze: A linked listing including business name, physical and mail address, telephone numbers (local, toll-free and fax), plus linked E-mail address; $39.00 per year.
    See Example  Order Now!

*Please note the above plans are subject to a surcharge when your business web site is not under it's own domain name. An example would be This surcharge does not apply when your business has it's own domain name such as For more information please contact Go Northwest!

Sponsored listings are positioned either at the top of a page devoted to the category, or, at the top of a section devoted to the category.

Please contact us at the following e-mail address or telephone number if you have any questions:

Phones: 406-250-0777 or 206-715-1704

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