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Show your visitors that you are linked to a leading northwest travel directory, with a graphic link to Go Northwest! It's easy to do. Simply choose one of our logo images, and follow the instructions below. See also our banner images for states and provinces.

Compass large button:
82 x 82 pixels

gnwcomp183.jpg (6111 bytes)        gnwcomp283.jpg (6456 bytes)         gnwcomp383.jpg (6034 bytes)
Compass button:
88 x 31 pixels
gnwcompblu31.jpg (3664 bytes)      gnwcompgreen31.jpg (3845 bytes)      compdblu31.jpg (3708 bytes)
Trail button:
88 x 31 pixels
gnwtrailblue31.gif (1503 bytes)      gnwtrailgreen31.gif (1552 bytes)      gnwtrailblue31.gif (1584 bytes)
Trail banner: 468 x 60 pixels gif
gnwtrailplan468.gif (3774 bytes)

gnwtrailblue468.gif (3519 bytes)

gnwtrailblu468.gif (3855 bytes)

gnwtrailfree468.gif (3937 bytes)

Trail banner: 468 x 60 pixels gif
gnwtrailbc468.jpg (14790 bytes)

gnwtrailwa468.jpg (13952 bytes)

gnwtrailor468.jpg (14037 bytes)

gnwtrailid468.jpg (13551 bytes)

gnwtrailmt468.jpg (14221 bytes)

Trail buttons:
88 x 31 pixels
gnwtrailbc31.jpg (2893 bytes)      gnwtrailwa31.jpg (2652 bytes)      gnwtrailor31.jpg (2774 bytes)
  gnwtrailid31.jpg (2654 bytes)      gnwtrailmt31.jpg (2788 bytes)     

Instructions: To add any of these logo images to your site:

  • Save the image.
    While this page is open in your browser, right click on a logo image.  Choose the "save as" option from the pop-up menu and save the logo to your own image file.
  • Hyperlink the image.
    On your web page, insert the image and hyperlink it to, which is the Go Northwest! home page.  The html code used to hyperlink the image looks like this:

    <a href="">
    <img src="complete pathname to saved image here/saved image name.jpg or .gif"></a>

    If necessary, cut and paste this code into your web page, and adjust the red writing.
  • Test the hyperlinked image, once you have published to the web.

Please email us if you need more help with this.

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