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Go Northwest! Business Services
On-line Brochure

Go Northwest! includes a fast-growing directory of travel business that operate in the Pacific Northwest. You can enhance your presence on the internet, and on Go Northwest, with an on-line brochure, or "mini-web" at very low cost.

Your on-line brochure consists of two web pages on Go Northwest with a link pointing to them from your free or enhanced listing. Each page is written to grab the reader's attention and guide them to the information that will help them make a buying decision.

Your first page usually consists of background information about your business including a description of your business, location, special features or offerings, history, staff and/or personnel and perhaps nearby attractions and activities. You can use up to two images on this page including a logo, photograph or graphic design.

Your second page typically gives such details of your operation as facility descriptions; rates; operating season; reservation, payment and cancellation policies, and contact information. You can use up to two images on this page also.

Your on-line brochure will be based on information you provide us via letters, a telephone call, our online entry form, your print brochure, or, if you already have one, your primary web site.

The cost is a very nominal $125.00 a year, payable in US dollars.

Submit your listing now using our online Brochure Form. Or, you can simply print the form, complete the information and send it to us via "snail mail." You also can send your listing information to us via E-mail.

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Listing plans are subject to change. Check this page for latest information, or, contact us by email or telephone.

Phones: 406-892-2940 or 206-715-1704

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