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PO Box 1909
Columbia Falls, MT 59912


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Go Northwest, LLC, offers three types of advertising. The terms and conditions of each are described below.

Non-sponsored Listings are listed in alphabetical order, below any and all Sponsored Listings.

Sponsored Listings are listed in descending order of Platinum, Gold, Silver, and Bronze; on a first come, first at the top basis. Platinum Sponsored Listings are always listed above Gold listings, which are always listed above Silver listings, which are always listed above Bronze Listings. The first person to submit a listing for a particular page, will be positioned at the top of the page within its respective sponsored listing type.

For example, the first submission for a Bronze Sponsored Listing will be positioned above all following Bronze Listing submissions, but will be below the Platinum, Gold and Silver listings.

Sponsored Listings will maintain their position as long as the listing is renewed annually, and provided no higher valued listing is submitted.

As an example, if someone submits a Silver listing and there are no other sponsored listings on that page, the Silver listing will be at the top of the page. However, if someone purchases a Platinum listing later, it will be placed above the Silver listing at the top of the page.

Display Ads are positioned on a space available basis.

Acceptance: No listing, or Display Ad will be accepted if such listing or ad is, or contains, anything that is in violation of any trademark or copyright.

Go Northwest, LLC, reserves its right to refuse advertising from any source for any reason.

More Information: If you have questions about these terms or would like information about advertising with Go Northwest, LLC, please contact us at the following:

Go Northwest, LLC
PO Box 1909
Columbia Falls, MT 59912

Phone: 406-892-2940 or 206-715-1704
E-mail: info (at) gonorthwest (dot ) com.

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