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About the Travel Store
We offer these goods via Amazon. Here you will find brand-name items often on the traveler's shopping list. A great way to take care of your own travel preparations. Or give that lucky someone a "bon voyage" gift they can use.

How to buy

  1. Click an item here (not an obligation to buy).
  2. At the site, read about the item, then "add to cart" or "buy it now". Just follow their instructions.
  3. Look around Amazon, shop some more, or return to this page for selected items.
  4. Click "exit store" at any time to return to this page.

About Amazon
Amazon will handle your transaction and any queries you might have, such as about cancellations or returns.

Click any item on this page (no obligation to buy). Then click the icons on the new page to read about their privacy policy, security, and general information.

Please E-mail us with your experiences of the Amazon service. We would also love to hear what you think of any products listed here. We hope you enjoy preparing for your vacation in the beautiful Pacific Northwest!

We appreciate your orders. They help keep Go Northwest! online.

Travel Well

This wide selection will have something to suite all kinds of travelers. Shop around by luggage type, such as carry-ons and garment bags, or brand name, such as High Sierra, Samsonite or Olympia. Go straight to the Suitcases

Travel Prepared

Backpacks and Rugged Luggage
Mostly daypacks. A variety of styles to choose from.

Adventure Travel Accessories
Bargains for the self-sufficient traveler, such as the Swiss army tools.

Travel in Style

Leather World Travel Journal
Treat yourself or a loved one to a quality journal in which to record their travel experiences.

Shaving Kits
Many options to make your personal choice.

Toiletry Kits
Many options to make your personal choice.

Travel with Ease

Currency Converter
Pacific Northwest travelers will encounter two countries with two different currencies - Canada and the United States.

Electronic Map Measurer
Especially good if you are navigating your own road trip.

Passport Case
It is amazing the amount of paper the traveler needs to keep about their person. This is a stylish way of keeping those necessary documents in order.

Ticket Organizer
Another well-designed way to organize all those travel documents.

Travel Alarm Clock
If you are going to be traveling for an extended time, this is a way to set up one of the conveniences of home wherever you go.

Waist Pouches/Money Belts/Wallets
Travelers often find themselves carrying more money on them than they would usually. Over 20 options to make the choice with which you will be most comfortable.

Electric Converter Kit
Residential Canada and the USA use 110 volt electrical systems. You will need a voltage transformer and a socket converter if your appliances operate on a different system. This kit includes a 1600 watt converter and 4 adaptor plugs.

Travel in Comfort

Comfort Travel Pillow
Portable, ergonomic design is handy for long trips.

Motion Sickness
A natural, effective, drug-free way to help prevent motion sickness. This contain a natural ginger complex, long favored by those who know the effectiveness of ginger in calming tummies suffering from sea sickness. We hope you wont need these, but just in case...

Travel in Safety

Alarm Clock
Lots of uses, including security of luggage.

Dial Security Lock
When all your possessions are in a bag or two, keeping these secure is an issue for travelers.

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