About the Pacific Northwest
Cascadia: Pacific Northwest Bioregion

Map of Cascadia, the bioregion of the Pacific NorthwestThe map (right) shows Cascadia, the Pacific Northwest bioregion, a unity of geology, ecology and culture.

Although less than 10% of the continent, Cascadia contributes 20% - 25% of the total surface runoff.

This map can be found on the website for the Cascadia Institute, and is available for sale there.

The map below shows the Original Distribution of The Coastal Temperate Rain Forests. This map can be found on the website InfoRain, a Bioregional information system for the North American rainforest coast. InfoRain maps are interactive maps, so you can for example, zoom into areas of interest.

InfoRain website is made available by Ecotrust.
Map of coastal temperate rainforests in the Pacific Northwest

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Cascadia Times
Devoted to environmental and natural resource issues in the Pacific Northwest and the forces of politics, economics, science and community life that influence policies affecting the region.

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