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Gateway Cities

By definition, "gateway cities" are going to see a higher throughput of travelers. Even so, the gateway cities of Vancouver in British Columbia, Seattle in Washington, and Portland in Oregon, contain attractions that in themselves see visitors in the millions. These are all coastal cities, hence the identification of this part of north America with the Pacific Rim. (You will hear talk of "Pacific Rim cuisine", for example).In addition to containing major ports that help fuel their economies, these are the cities in which the long-distance traveler is likely to find him- or herself at major airports changing transportation in order to explore the interior of the region. The gateway cities share the good fortune of being economic and cultural centers, with expanses of wilderness close by. This mix is what lies behind their reputations as very "livable" cities.

Popular Small Towns

In addition to the three Gateway cities, you also might like to check out the many popular small towns known for their resort-like atmosphere, art colonies, historical backgrounds, unique cultures or unusual attractions such as coastal fishing towns, or the "Old West" mining towns. You will find throughout Go Northwest that our descriptions of individual towns and cities will reveal such characteristics.

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