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Welcome to Go Northwest! From this page you will find information and links to web sites that generally applies throughout the Pacific Northwest. Go to British Columbia, Idaho, Oregon, Montana, Washington or Wyoming for information and links to web sites related to a specific city, town and other area of interest within a state or province.



Natural Wonders

The national parks in both Canada and the USA are by definition landscapes of national significance. It is a sure bet they will offer the visitor and outdoor enthusiast spectacular sights and recreational opportunities. They are a draw card for locals as well as out of state visitors. In 1998, for example, nearly 30 million U.S. residents traveled 100 miles or more, to visit a national park. Volcanoes are found both within and without the parks. If your itinerary permits, you might also want to explore:

You might wish to take in these attractions via the national and state scenic byways.

And what are people doing in the great outdoors? They are enjoying mountains, lakes and beaches, boating, biking, canoeing, camping and hiking. The more adventurous are skiing, rafting, scuba diving, and mountain biking.

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