Outdoors in the Pacific Northwest
National Forests

The Pacific Northwest is home to millions of acres of national forests where you can enjoy a multitude of recreational activities surrounded by amazing scenery. This page contains links to websites related to trees and forestry for this region. Find information on types of trees, organizations that protect forests and natural habitats and even on careers in forestry. To find a particular national forest, please see our page on listings of forests.

Regional Sites

American Forests
American Forests help preserve the forests through programs, projects and restoration. Learn all about forests such as wildlife, recration and climate.

Bristlecone Pine Homepage
Find information on the oldest living trees discovered by Dr. Edmund Schulman.

Fire Science Online
Founded in 2011, Fire Science offers information for those looking for education and fire safety information.

Forest Fire Lookout Association
The Forest Fire Lookout Association (FFLA), founded in 1990, is an organization involved in research of former forest fire lookout sites, ground cabins and early forest fire detection methods. Anecdotes of Lookout operators both past and present are documented. The organization encourages efforts of public groups and others in the restoration of forest fire lookouts.

National Forest Foundation
Read about 10 wilderness areas for those seeking soltitude. Photos and maps are included for each area.

Rain Forests of the Pacific Northwest
An article by GORP about the rain forests in the pacific northwest with details and contact information on each rainforest.

Pacific West Community Forestry Center
Sharing knowledge with forest communities.

Trees of the Pacific Northwest
Oregon State University presents tree identification for trees conifers and broadleaves in the Northwest.

The Ultimate Tree-Ring Web Page
Information sourceon the science of Dendrochronology.

USDA Forest Service
Information on the policies, projects, research and publications of this federal government department.

World Forestry Center
This non-profit educational institute educates and informs people through the Discovery Museum, working forests or tree farms and the World Forest Institute.

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