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Currency Conversion

Currency Conversion

US cash is accepted in most retail outlets in Canada, however you probably wont get a good exchange rate. The stores view this as a service offered for your convenience.

The Universal Currency Converter Services
Scroll to the bottom of this page for a a currency converter provided by Xenon Laboratories. Use the currency converter to calculate foreign exchange rate conversions from a selection of currencies. Xenon Laboratories is not a financial institution. Their rates are derived from a variety of publicly available sources, including live, real-time rate feeds from foreign exchange markets all around the world. Although they strive to ensure their figures are correct, they can make no guarantees as to their accuracy or suitability for any purpose. Currency rates specified by financial institutions will differ from theirs, sometimes significantly. In addition, currency rates will vary by geographical market.

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The Travel Expenses Calculator
Calculates a recommended claim for a travel expense by calculating the total expenditure including bank charges. Have any receipts with you to input the required figures. Another service from Xenon Laboratories.

The Interactive Currency Table
Generate a list of exchange rates based on your choice of currency and date. Another service from Xenon Laboratories.

Classic 164 Currency Converter
This service from OANDA offers currency conversion for 164 currencies from around the world. The converter is updated daily at 08:00 PM EST (Eastern Standard Time) with data from the previous day. The OANDA "Cheat Sheet for Travelers" provides a handy table of converted amounts in your choice of currencies. The various rates are useful as the average traveler is not likely to get the "official" interbank market rates which generally reflect the exchange rates for transactions of US $1 million or more! Retail rates which are used by credit cards (typically 2%) or cash exchanges in banks (typically 4%) or other exchange services usually vary from a 1 to 10 percent margin on the top of the interbank rates. Retail rates vary from place to place, so to find out the best places to change your money, contact your local bank or travel agency.

World Exchange Rates
This converter from Rubicon is visually appealing.  Place the amount and type of currency in the left frame, and in the right frame you will see its equivalents in the the major currencies from around the world.

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