Seattle, Washington
Food and Beverage

Quickly becoming a well-known city for foodies, Seattle's dining scene has something for everyone. Whether you're looking for crispy fish and chips, an exotic meal from Southeast Asia, or a five star rib eye steak, you'll find it in Seattle.

Because of Seattle's close proximity to the water, the city is well known for it's seafood, especially salmon. Grilled, smoked or even raw, you can find salmon prepared every which way on the Seattle dining scene.

Seattle is also known for its international fare, with hundreds of restaurants specializing in food from all over the world. The International district is home to many of these restaurants, but you can find them in every neighborhood of the city.

If you're aiming to impress, Seattle has a number of fine dining restaurants. Many world-renowned chefs own restaurants in Seattle, and most of them are incredibly affordable. A recent Zagat survey placed the average price of a meal out in Seattle below $30 dollars.

Every year for 10 days in April and in the fall, people are given the opportunity to seek out new culinary experiences during Seattle Restaurant Week. Over 165 participating restaurants offer specially priced menus featuring three course meals that include an appetizer, entree and dessert. Some restaurants offer a two course lunch. To find a list of the restaurants, visit the Seattle Restaurant Week web site.

It's impossible to walk the streets of Seattle without seeing a coffee shop or espresso stand. Notably the founding place of the most well known coffee brand in the world, many are surprised to learn that Seattle is home to dozens of coffee companies, all with their own taste and style. From lattes to mochas, to grande skinny, triple, extra foam café mistos, the possibilities are endless! Ordering coffee can be a daunting task, but luckily, we have a rundown of "java jargon" so you can sound like a pro:

If you're feeling thirsty, the Seattle area is home to many microbreweries and wineries. Sip a locally made IPA or freshly corked chardonnay and have some satisfaction in knowing exactly where and how your beverage was brewed, bottled and sold.

Seattleites are well known for their "green" tendencies, and many local restaurants embrace sustainability as a key business practice. Restaurant owners pride themselves on supporting local farms and business, and many go out of their way to include local products on their menus.

Food trucks are also becoming prominent on the Seattle dining scene. Announcing their locations each day through social media, these restaurants on wheels may cost less than a sit down meal, but the food is top notch. Take your pick from hundreds of mouth-watering options, like a savory pulled pork sandwich, southern cooked shrimp and grits, or handmade gelato. Food trucks also a great way to check out the city. Just seek out your favorite truck, grab a bite, and then explore a new neighborhood!

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