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About the Festival
Seattle Maritime Festival is an annual event held at the beginning of May. For more information phone 206-443-3830, or see the Seattle P-I fairs and festivals guide.

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Have you got a Maritime Festival or Tugboat story? Do you have tips for getting to downtown, and staking out a position? We would love to hear from you. E-mail us and we will add your comments to this page.

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Travel Article: Seattle Activities
Maritime Festival

Seattle is a port city. The Seattle Maritime Festival presents a fun way to get to know this economically and culturally significant aspect of the city's identity.

Note the ship's ladder on this beauty (above).

Tugboat aficionados are a jovial maritime subculture, as indicated by the oxymoron-ish concept of a "tugboat race"! The festival is a friendly invitation to join in their passions for a day or two.

Most of the activity is held around the Bell Street Pier (Pier 66), on Seattle's Waterfront.

Note the port's cranes in the distance of the photo below.

The festival is very family oriented, with lots of free activities for kids.

Tour a tugboat. See the maneuvers of remote controlled model boats. Visit the Odyssey Maritime Discovery Center that has lots of great interactive exhibits.

Outdoor barbecues and pier restaurants supply ample food. Or there are plenty of places to perch with your own picnic lunch if you want to keep the day inexpensive.

Make your own wooden toy boat...
...and launch it upon the high seas!

The tugboat parade, and races are a highlight. Read on...

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