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Travel Article: Seattle Activities - Page 2
Seattle Maritime Festival

The tugboat parade, and races are a highlight. These take place on Elliot Bay.

The parade is very enjoyable. Contestants cruise past with much blowing, and puffing and tooting, and the occasional pirouette by the modern Foss "tractor tugs".

A running commentary provides background on boats built as far back as the 1890s. Some were built to haul logs to the sawmills. We are given insights into the technology driving these powerful vessels. If you would like to know what a "potato" engine is, try rapidly repeating the word "potato" outloud!

Fireboats put on a rousing display. I was reminded of the courtship displays of the animal kingdom.

The anticipation builds as the tugs line up for a race...

The siren blasts, and they are off! And still approaching... and here they come...

... and now passing

( the commentator put it, it's kinda like watching grass grow!...)

and there they go...

(The Olympic Mountains form the backdrop.)


...and the commentator reminds the dispersing crowd that the race is still going sometime later a winner is announced.

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