Seattle, Washington

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This is the index to a series of pages devoted to viewpoints around Seattle. These pages are written primarily for visitors who are clueless and car-less in Seattle, and who want to enjoy some of what Seattle is famous for - its views.

By Bus
We'll show you how to get to Seattle's best viewpoints from downtown by bus, and what to expect when you get there. Suggested departure bus stops are those closest to the Westlake Center, a retail and transportation hub of downtown Seattle. Check the Metro Bus web site for latest information.

Metro Tip
Keep $1 notes and quarters about your person, to pay for the bus rides.

By Car
For those getting about by car, we provide a link to MapBlast! Click on their "Directions" page to map a route to the viewpoint.

Where to see and take photos of Seattle's great views.

Alki Beach Park, West Seattle

Beacon Hill Viewpoint, Beacon Hill

Admiral Way Viewpoint, West Seattle

Charles A Richey Snr. Viewpoint, West Seattle

Don Armeni Boat Ramp & Viewpoint, West Seattle

Four Columns Park, downtown Seattle

Jose Rizal Park, Beacon Hill

Harborview Park, First Hill

Hamilton Viewpoint Park, West Seattle

Kerry Viewpoint Park, Queen Anne Hill

Kinnear Park, Queen Anne Hill

Luna Park Seawall, West Seattle

Seacrest Park, West Seattle

Space Needle, downtown Seattle

Terminal 5 Public Shoreline Access, West Seattle

Thomas Street Park, Broadview

Victor Steinbrueck Park, downtown Seattle

Volunteer Park, Capitol Hill

*See also, this map of West Seattle viewpoints.

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