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Orting, Washington

Orting, Washington lies approximately 15 miles southeast of Tacoma and 30 miles northwest of Mount Rainier National Park, in the scenic Orting Valley. Orting is considered part of the Tacoma metro area and is one of several small towns and cities that make up Washington's populous Pierce County.

Orting is best known for its role in the annual Daffodil Festival Parade, which takes place every April. One of four stops in the Tacoma metro area, Orting holds an historical place in the festival's success, which has been ongoing since 1934. The earliest festivals culminated with a party at one of the founder's homes in Orting. While daffodils are no longer a major crop in Orting Valley, they are considered an emblem of this area's beauty and economic success.

Activities in the Orting area include golf at the local 18-hole course, bicycling and hiking in nearby Mount Rainier National Park and surrounding national forests. Camping is also available in the national park.

Orting is also famous for its unique geographical relationship to Mount Rainier, an active volcano. The city sits completely on lahar flow from ancient eruptions. Although there have not been any recent recorded volcanic events of such magnitude, the city of Orting is considered geographically within proximity of Mount Rainier's eruptions. Yet residents state that the Orting Valley's beauty, convenience and relative distance from the congestion of larger cities makes Orting the perfect place to live and raise a family.

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