Yellowstone National Park
Canyon Village

Yellowstone's Canyon Village area is testament to the Rocky Mountain's ancient geological history. Molded by volcanic eruptions and shaped for thousands of years by faulting and changing river flows, Yellowstone's Grand Canyon is the park's deepest chasm. The Yellowstone River courses through this gorge, which is more than 20 miles long and 1,000 feet deep. Breathtaking in its size, the canyon marked by rainbow colored rhyolite walls, plunging waterfalls and spectacular vistas that seem to stretch forever.

Grand Canyon of the Yellowstone and Lower Yellowstone Falls.

Numerous trails wind through the area, ranging in difficulty from easy to strenuous. The North and South Rim trails skirt close to the river, providing easy walks, and spectacular views of the gorge below. Other more strenuous hikes, such as Uncle Tom's trail, allow you to descend into the canyon and should be reserved for the physically fit. The area�s two waterfalls, Upper and Lower Falls, can also be seen from various overlooks along the canyon's rim.

Horse rental is available in the Canyon Village complex, which is equipped with a wide range of visitor amenities, including a lodge and camping facilities.

Canyon Village, which sits at 7,734 feet above sea level, is linked to the Tower-Roosevelt area by the northeastern stretch of the Grand Loop Road. Ascending the 8,859-foot Dunraven Pass, the road skirts a grizzly bear range (that is closed to human entry) and cuts through a lodge pole forest that was damaged by the Yellowstone fire of 1988.

Due to high elevation, the pass is closed from early November to late May and during summer construction periods. Visitors are advised to check with the Canyon visitor facilities to confirm any expected road delays.

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