Yellowstone National Park
Grant Village and West Thumb

Grant Village and West Thumb are often thought of as one location, as they both populate the scenic shoreline of Yellowstone Lake. Amenities along the shoreline include several restaurants, accommodations, camping facilities and a variety of exhibits and audio visual presentations on Yellowstone ecology and history.

Overlooking the southwest shore of West Thumb of Yellowstone Lake, Grant Village's attractive setting makes it a favorite stopping place for many visitors. A restaurant and lodge overlook the water's edge, approximately three miles from the West Thumb. Those who are willing to rise before dawn are treated to a first-hand view of Yellowstone Lake's scenery at its best.

Known as one of the hottest areas of the park, West Thumb is an expanse of active and dormant geysers, many of which can be seen along the shoreline or below the water's surface. Geologists continue to study West Thumb and Mary Bay, on the east side of the lake, for clues about the earth's early formation.

West Thumb Information Center, which includes a warming hut for winter visitors, hosts a bookstore and interpretive talks during the summer. The local information center provides an overview of the area's unusual attractions.

North of West Thumb is the 51-foot-high Natural Bridge, an outcropping of rhyolite lava that was carved by erosion thousands of years ago and extends across Bridge Bay. North America's largest population of native cutthroat trout can be found at Bridge Bay Marina, a favorite location as well for bird enthusiasts.

Visitor Center facilities

  • Location: At Grant Village, on western shore of Yellowstone Lake, 17 miles east of Old Faithful.

  • Phone: 307-242-2650

  • Seasonal hours: Late May - September; 8:00 a.m. - 7:00 p.m. daily

  • Accommodations available: Camping, lodge.

  • Other services: Bookstore, exhibits, video of Yellowstone fire history, ranger station, stores and restaurants.

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