Yellowstone National Park
Grant Village Museum

The Grant Village Museum highlights one of the most important events in the national park's 116-year history: the wildfires of 1988. Between July and September of that year, Yellowstone's driest summer season was marked by catastrophic fires that engulfed more than 30 percent of the park's 2,221,800 acres. Some 248 fires were recorded and by the time that autumn snows had quelled the flames in September of that year; $3 million worth of property had been lost to the destruction.

Through the use of photographs and narrative displays the exhibit explains why Yellowstone's worst recorded fire represented both a catastrophe and a turning point for America's oldest national park. Fires can create terrible losses for forests, but carefully controlled, they are also necessary tools to creating a healthy, balanced ecosystem.

Much study has gone into evaluating the effects of the 1988 fire, its impact on the wildlife and the ability of native plants to regenerate after the destruction. A short movie detailing the outcome of the fire ten years after the event is included with the exhibit.

The museum is open during seasonally from late May to late September and hours vary. There is also a Yellowstone National Park Association bookstore on site.

Visitor Center facilities

  • Location: At Grant Village, on western shore of Yellowstone Lake, 17 miles east of Old Faithful.

  • Phone: 307-242-2650

  • Seasonal hours: Late May - September; 8:00 a.m. - 7:00 p.m. daily

  • Accommodations available: Camping, lodge.

  • Other services: Bookstore, exhibits, video of Yellowstone fire history, ranger station, stores and restaurants.

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