Yellowstone National Park
Mammoth Hot Springs

The Mammoth Hot Springs area is best known for its hot springs, billowing clouds of steam and multi-colored pools and impressive gardens of calcium-rich stone that make up the miles of travertine terraces that dot the northwestern corner of the park. These travertine terraces make up the largest concentration of travertine accumulations in North America. Giant cones like the 37-foot Liberty Cap and stepping-stone ridges like Minerva Terrace are scattered across a two-square-mile section of Yellowstone's Upper and Lower Terrace areas.

Located five miles from the park's north entrance at an elevation of 6,239 feet, The Mammoth Hot Springs complex is situated at the northern end of the Grand Loop Road between several scenic picnic areas and campgrounds. The area also is home to historic Fort Yellowstone, a former military compound that served as lodging and administrative facilities for the US Calvary during the late 19th century.

Public services include the well equipped Albright Visitor Center, several restaurants, a campground and the famed Mammoth Springs Hotel. Museums, a ranger station and a medical clinic also are on site.

Various recreational opportunities exist in and around the Mammoth Springs area, including river rafting (the nearby town of Gardiner, Montana, at the North Gate, serves as a hub for river-rafting outfitters).

Wildlife viewing includes the pronghorn antelope, which can be seen in the sagebrush flats around the park's North Gate.

Hiking includes several well marked interpretive walks around Mammoth Spring's Upper and Lower Terraces and numerous longer trails throughout the area, several which provide circular tours and spectacular views of the northern backcountry.

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