Yellowstone National Park
Old Faithful

The Old Faithful visitor complex is a melding of natural and man-made history. More than 100 of the geysers that populate Yellowstone can be found in Old Faithful's back yard in what is called the Upper Geyser Basin. A small number of these which includes the famous Old Faithful geyser, maintain fairly predictable activity. The rest of the Upper Basin's geological features offer a random, if not equally spectacular demonstration of Mother Nature's force in action.

The Lower Geyser Basin is well known for the Fountain Paint Pots, a multi-faceted spectacle that includes geysers, mud-pots and fumaroles. The attraction can be reached along a boardwalk, or a three-mile drive along Firehole River that includes other similar features.

The Old Faithful complex is also known for the inn of the same name, an historic landmark built in 1904. Both the inn and the nearby Old Faithful lodge date back to the early 20th century, although the lodge is now privately operated and consists mainly of guest cabins. A more modern lodge, built in 1999, provides accommodations in a contemporary hotel setting.

Old Faithful's sprawling complex is ringed by trails of varying lengths and levels of complexity. Some meander past geysers and fumaroles, others show the impact of Yellowstone's 1988 fire, which came close to engulfing many of the park's historic structures.

The Old Faithful complex is located on the park's scenic Grand Loop Road, 16 miles south of Madison Junction and 30 miles southeast of the town of West Yellowstone. It is also an easy drive to Yellowstone Lake and the popular recreational areas of West Thumb and Grant Village, known for their dining and freshwater attractions.

Visitor Center facilities

Location: Half way between Madison and West Thumb visitor centers on the southwest side of park.

Phone: 307-545-2750

Seasonal hours: late April - late October, 8:00 a.m. to 7:00 p.m. daily

Accommodations available: Inn and lodge accommodations. There are also camping and lodge facilities in Grant Village, approximately 18 miles east of Old Faithful.

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