Yellowstone National Park
Visitor Centers

Yellowstone Park's eight visitor centers and accompanying museums are historic attractions in their own right. Spread across four distinct geographic areas of the park, they each tell a story about Yellowstone's gradual and sometimes awkward evolution as the country's first national park. Several of the visitor centers are listed on the Registry of National Historic Places and most date back to the early- or mid-20th century.

Albright Visitor Center and Museum

Located at Mammoth Hot Springs, five miles from the North Entrance, the Albright Visitor Center is best known as "Fort Yellowstone." Its museum features several historical exhibits, as well as a number of 19th century buildings that once served as a U.S. Calvary post.

Madison Information Center

Built in the early 20th century, this National Historic Landmark is thought to be located near the site of a campfire circle that had been used by the Washburn expedition in 1870.

Norris Geyser Basin and Museum

The Norris Geyser Basin Visitor Center, located at the southwest end of the park, features exhibits on the park's unique geothermal features and is a National Historic Landmark.

Old Faithful Visitor Center

Best known for Yellowstone's famous geyser, the visitor center provides information on backcountry access and Yellowstone ecology. The location also maintains a clinic and a ranger station.

Grant Visitor Center and West Thumb Information Center

One of the park's newest centers, it features interpretive walks and films on Yellowstone history and ecology.

Lake, Bridge Bay and Fishing Bridge Visitor Facilities

The Fishing Bridge Visitor Center and Museum houses several exhibits on Yellowstone wildlife and is known for its early 20th century architecture.

Canyon Visitor Center

Built in 1957, the structure serves as a welcome center for Yellowstone's spectacular canyon region, which includes 308-ft-high Lower Falls.

Tower-Roosevelt Ranger Stations

Several of this region's early 20th century ranger stations are listed on the Register of National Historic Places.

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