Buffalo, Wyoming
Visitor Information


Bureau of Land Management (BLM)

Buffalo Field Office. 1425 Fort Street, Buffalo, WY 82834. Phone: 307-684-1100; Fax: 307-684-1122.

Chamber of Commerce

Buffalo Chamber of Commerce. 55 N. Main Street, Buffalo, WY 82834. Phone: 307-684-5544; Toll-free: 1-800-227-5122. E-mail

City Information

City of Buffalo. 46 N. Main, Buffalo, WY 82834. Phone: 307-684-5566; Fax: 307-684-5726.

Commercial Web Sites

BigHornMountains.Com. 20 North Tisdale Avenue, Buffalo, WY 82834.

Discover Historic Buffalo. PO Box 383, Buffalo, WY 82834.

Johnson County, Wyoming. 76 N. Main Street, Buffalo, WY 82834. Phone: 307-684-7555. E-mail

Wyoming Tales and Trails
This site is devoted almost exclusively to the history of Wyoming as told through photographs.


Johnson County Library. 171 N. Adams Avenue, Buffalo, WY 82834. Phone: 307-684-5546.


Buffalo Bulletin. PO Box 730, Buffalo, WY 82834. Phone: 307-684-2223; Fax: 307-684-7431.

The Mini. 86 S. Main, Buffalo, WY 82834. Phone: 307-684-2225; Fax: 866-824-9488. E-mail

Transportation - Airport

Johnson County Airport. 158 Airport Road, Buffalo, WY 82834.

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