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Pacific Northwest - the vacation guide

Trying to plan your Northwest vacation? Have you had hours of frustrating searching, looking for online Northwest vacation resources? Here we have gathered free visitor information into one place.

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Pacific Northwest - the destination

The proximity of sophisticated urban centres to awesome natural landscapes is what makes the Pacific Northwest of America a great vacation destination. A destination which deserves its own vacation guide. Visit state-of-the-art museums, enjoy a wonderfully preserved architectural heritage, and encounter thriving arts and music scenes. Meanwhile the icy peaks rising at the end of city streets, will continually remind the visitor of the outdoor recreational opportunities which abound in the mountains, the high plains, the lakes, rivers and ocean. Mother nature isn't just close by, she is magnificent! In our Pacific Northwest vacation guide you will discover natural wonders on a monumental scale. The string of volcanoes including Mount St Helens, and Mount Rainier, the spectacular gorge and falls of the Columbia River, and a unique rainforest, to name a few. From glaciers to desert country, the interested traveler will find a lot more lies beyond these star attractions.

As a geographical region, we can roughly define where the Pacific Northwest lies. The vacationer wishing to journey to the extremities of the northwest American region, might begin at the the Pacific Ocean, pass eastwards over the "Rockies" and continue east to the "Great Plains". They would also need to travel as far north as somewhere before the subarctic zone of British Columbia, and as far south as somewhere before the mild climate zone of northern California. Our imaginary vacationer will see the Pacific Northwest region of America includes portions of both Canada and the USA. This is where the Go Northwest! vacation guide will take you.

As you will see in any travel guide on this region, the Pacific Northwest is also known affectionately as the "Great Northwest". It is a nickname which reveals something of people's attitudes to themselves, and to the land. It has connotations of wild landscapes and new horizons. "Northwest" is a name and an imaginative place which, historically, traveled with the westward exploration and settlement of the United States. For example, during the 1700s and early 1800s, what we know today as Chicago was commonly thought of as the "northwest"! Nowadays that name has alighted upon the region defined above. The Great Pacific Northwest continues to promise opportunity and discovery for the resident and vacationer alike.

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