Pacific Northwest

The Northwest is truly unique. Few other regions in the Western Hemisphere can claim the diversity and sheer expanse of changing climates as the Northwest. From the glaciers of the Canadian Rockies in British Columbia, to the hot, Mediterranean sands of the southern Oregon Coast, the Northwest has it all.

And few other regions in the world can offer as many diverse choices for activities as the Northwest. Whether you enjoy sea kayaking, birding, bicycling, golfing, or whitewater rafting; whether you're a deep-water diver, ice climber or backpacker; whether you are an historian who revels in the history of the Old West or a backcountry aficionado who hates crowds, the Northwest can pretty much accommodate any skill or passion.

Do you have a hankering to walk the rim of a volcano? Pick your state. Between the Craters of the Moon in Idaho, Crater Lake in Oregon or Mount Rainier in Washington, there are more than a just few environments from which to choose. Have rainforests always fascinated you? There's no place on earth to camp or hike like the Olympic Peninsula in Washington State. Can't decide between snow skiing and lake-skiing? The sunny Okanagan Valley of British Columbia offers both in the same day. Looking for a lake to try out your kayak? Flathead Lake, Montana has 200 square miles of pristine beauty to explore.

And for every sport or recreational pastime that's been created, there's plenty of room for more. The Northwest's many seasonal festivals are testament to ingenuity - and to its residents' staunch refusal to be satisfied with the common path. Even those who don't enjoy hiking, skiing, fishing or swimming can find a festival to celebrate or awe-inspiring vista to appreciate. Discovery is, after all, what the Northwest is all about.

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