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Geocaching Photos

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GPS required

You need a handheld GPS unit to find a cache.


This old birds nest made a clever hiding place for a pillbox sized microcache

Sign the log book

Geocachers log their find by providing their "handle" and the date they found the cache.

Between a rock and ...

Standard caches too easy? Search for "camocaches" like the "rock" in this photo.

Camocache revealed

Camocaches take many shapes from rocks to logs to pinecones and more.

Parking lot cache

Note the microcache hidden underneath this parking light base enclosure.

Look Closely

Hidden below the pine needles is a small cache.

Hmm, that wire looks suspicious

A microcache was attached to that coat-hanger wire at this highway marker.

Hiding in plain sight

Look for unnatural arrangements of nature and you're likely to find the cache. That bunch of bark looks suspicious.

Found it!

Hollowed out logs are a favorite hiding spot for caches.

Mt. Rainier Cache

I hiked along a stream and beyond a waterfall before reaching this cache.

San Juan Island Views

This microcache has a wonderful view of the San Juan Islands in Washington state.

Mausoleum Cache

Hidden at the north end of San Juan Island is this Mausoleum and hidden microcache


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