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Wine Maps
British Columbia Wine Map
Oregon Wine Map
Washington Wine Map

Click image above to open map of British Columbia Wine Regions in a new browser window.

BC Wine Regions
Okanagan Valley
Vancouver Island
Fraser Valley
Similkameen Valley

Click on image above to open map of Oregon wine regions in a new browser window.

Oregon Wine Regions
Columbia Valley
Rogue Valley
Umpqua Valley
Walla Walla
Willamette V.-North
Willamette V.-South

Map of Washington State Wine Regions
Click image above to open map of Washington Wine Regions in a new browser window.

Washington Wine Regions
Columbia Valley
Columbia River Gorge
Puget Sound
Walla Walla Valley
Yakima Valley

Pacific Northwest
Wine and Wineries

The Northwest has long been known for its spectacular scenery. It hasn't until of late been known as a major wine region. But places like Okanagan Valley, British Columbia, the Columbia River area in Washington and Idaho's Snake River country have helped to change that perception. The Northwest's warm, dry interior regions are uniquely suited to producing full-bodied, balanced wines. In fact, such areas often receive more sunlight than competing vineyards in California.

The moist, temperate climates of the Northwest's coastal region are another surprise. Areas such as the San Juan Islands, the Gulf Islands and the Olympic Peninsula have proven that the secret to producing a good wine lies not only in the length of warmth of summer weather, but in the patient hand of the vintner who can instinctively blend the right combination of soil, atmosphere and diligent attention to produce the finest wine. It is from this growing reputation for excellence that the Northwest acquires its respected standing as a "New World" wine region.

For the curious wine connoisseur and the adventurous traveler, the Northwest's 500+ wineries offer unending opportunities for enjoyment. Exploring Northwest wineries is a bit like globe-hopping: Each sub-region has its own terroir, its own ecological footprint and culture to be savored and appreciated. Summertime is an exceptional time for touring the wineries of the Northwest and for taking advantage of the many festivals and musical productions that pare well with Northwest wine and cuisine.

Check out our wine maps for British Columbia, Washington, Oregon, Idaho and Montana for a list of the appellations in each state or province. Wine appellations, like fine wines change over time as the industry matures and grows. Check back frequently to see what we've added.

Wine Maps

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