Crater Lake, Oregon
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Cascades Volcano Observatory (CVO)

GORP's Crater Lake National Park Guide

Oregon Explorer. E-mail
Oregon Explorer provides a web-based natural resources digital library by integrating data from state and federal agencies, local governments, university scientists, and citizens.

Rogue Web

Travel Oregon. Toll-free: 1-800-547-7842.

License Plates

Crater Lake License Plate

Non-Profit Organizations

Crater Lake Institute. PO Box 2, Crater Lake, OR 97604. Non-profit organization not officially affiliated with Crater lake National Park or the National Park Service (NPS), as a "park partner".

Crater Lake National Park Trust. PO Box 62, Crater Lake, OR 97604. E-mail

Nonprofit organization that helps to protect, promote, and enhance Crater Lake National Park, its unique water purity, and its value for human inspiration and knowledge.

Crater Lake Natural History Association. PO Box 157, Crater Lake, OR 97604. Phone: 541-594-3110; Fax: 541-594-3010.

The Crater Lake Natural History Association is a non-profit organization dedicated to advancing educational and scientific activities within Crater Lake National Park and Oregon Caves National Monument. Books, maps, and postcards are available for sale at all park visitor centers.

Friends of Crater Lake. PO Box 88, Crater Lake, OR 97604.
A non-profit organization that cooperates with the National Park Service in the stewardship of Crater Lake National Park's natural and cultural resource.

Ski Patrol

Crater Lake Ski Patrol. E-mail

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