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Central Region

Central Oregon, considered by many to be a recreational paradise, is one of the state's fastest growing regions. Rimmed on the west by the Deschutes River and on the east by forests and lush farmland, Oregon's heartland is a fusion of topography. Its northern border is framed by the mighty Columbia River, which Lewis and Clark once navigated en route to the Pacific Ocean. Its southern boundary is characterized by long stretches of high desert, known as much for their prehistoric fossil remains as for the exceptionally small towns that dot Oregon's back roads.

Founded more than a century ago by Oregon Trail emigrants, Central Oregon is home to the burgeoning city of Bend, which has more than tripled its population in the last 15 years. Recreational attractions such as the Newberry National Volcanic Monument and the exceptional ski and snowboarding opportunities of the nearby Cascade Mountains make Bend an irresistible choice for many. It's exceptionally arid climate and frequent blue skies are reminiscent of Southern California escapes that offer a blend of urban and semi-rural attractions' along with the open backcountry terrain that has made the Northwest famous.

Central Oregon's true claim to fame however, may be its accessibility. Less than 3 hours from both Portland and Eugene, Oregon and two hours from Oregon's historic Crater Lake, Bend and nearby attractions are relatively easy to reach. A good road system links Oregon's heartland with outlying regions and lends to numerous driving tours. For those who can't make up their minds between windsailing on the Columbia, hiking the backcountry of the Ochoco National Forest and surveying Oregon's unusual prehistoric fossil remains, diversity is at easy reach.

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