Oregon Coast Travel Region

Lincoln City, Oregon

Lincoln City bills itself as the "kite capital of the world" and has two popular festivals to prove it. Located almost due-west from the city of Salem on Oregon's central coast, Lincoln City has been a popular getaway for more than 100 years.

Festivals are a way of life on Oregon's windy coast and Lincoln City residents seems to have taken this to heart. Beside the outdoor and the indoor annual kite festivals, there also is a garden festival, a chowder cook-off and a plain air art festival. The Cascade Head Music Festival features classical music, while Antique Week underscores Lincoln City residents' love for one-of-a-kind finds.

Accommodations range from motels, hotels and resorts to bed and breakfast inns, vacation rentals and camping/RV sites. Visitors do not have to go far to find a state park or recreation area in which to enjoy captivating ocean views.

The area was once part of the Coast and Siletz Indian Reservations and was opened up to European emigrants in 1887 by the federal government.

Prior to 1937, however, visiting Oregon's coastal communities meant traveling across rough dirt roads and sandy beach. But vacationers still came, making their way by horseback, buggy, boat and later, car. Roads were not developed in the area until the 1930s, when the Roosevelt Highway (now Highway 101) was opened to regular traffic.

Lincoln City originally began as five separate communities. In the 1960s, the five local communities Taft, Cutler City, Delake, Nelscott and Oceanlake were incorporated as one. Lincoln City's name was chosen by schoolchildren in a competition as it was felt that using one of the five original names would be too controversial. Pockets of land belonging to the Siletz Reservation are also scattered throughout Lincoln County, evidence of the area's original inhabitants.

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