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Cities and Towns of Southeast Oregon

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Southeast Travel Region

Southeast Oregon has been ranching territory for more than a hundred years, but the myriad of rivers, lakes and reservoirs that populate its arid countryside makes it one of the most popular outdoor recreation areas in the state. Rivers, such as the mighty Snake, which forms the border of Ontario and Idaho, and the Owyhee, north of Rome, are famous for their class III, and IV river rafting opportunities. The reservoirs that dot the sagebrush topography of Oregon's driest region not only hydrate a thirsty landscape but provide numerous locations for fishing for largemouth bass, crappie and rainbow trout.

Dotted by dozens of small towns, many of which are the historic remains of 19th-century pioneer homesteads, Southeast Oregon is rich with history. The Native Indians who populated this region for thousands of years proved that even the highest desert and driest landscape is fertile. The emigrants who followed built ranching empires and cities from its soil, proving still further that commercial success rests not with topography, but with the indomitable spirit of the pioneer.

For the 21st century traveler, Southeast Oregon offers a rich legacy of historic and natural wonders. Rock hounds will be at home in the desolate deserts around Burns where thousands of years have baked trees and other natural remnants into fossilized remains. Bird enthusiasts can enjoy an annual bird festival or take a tour of a wildlife refuge that President Theodore Roosevelt established in 1908. Those who enjoy nature just by admiring it will have plenty to marvel at while touring the glaciated canyons and overlooks of Steens Mountain Loop, just south of Malheur Lake. Southeastern Oregon, fringed only at its northern edges by national forest land, is a region rich with history and awe-inspiring natural beauty.

Southeast Oregon Cities and Towns

Adel, Adrian, Burns, Diamond, Drewsey, Frenchglen, Hines, Jordan Valley, Juntura, Lakeview, Nyssa, Ontario, Plush, Vale.

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